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On a dim Saturday morning in September the Notts County Junior Race Training squad showed their talents off to the 14 Notts County home boats and 14 visitors, for final round of the Northern Tour. As the juniors headed home to complete their homework the 400s tucked into bacon and eggs care of the galley.

The forecast was not promising with light winds, slowly building throughout the day, but that coupled with the swinging wind direction and fluctuating breeze which couldn’t make its mind up, was the race officer’s nightmare! Needless to say the RO persevered gallantly and three races were held on the first day.

Pre Start jostleing, photo Nicki Thekratoff

Pre Start jostleing, photo Nicki Thekratoff

The competitive fleet saw lots of place changes and Wayne and Deb Fletcher made sense of the testing conditions early on Saturday to a bullet in race 1. Not to be out done though Chris Pickles and Martin Sharman also showed the fleet how it was done posting a bullet in race 2.

Following a quick lunch of chips, the fleet launched into a steady (compared to earlier races) easterly force 2 with the odd gust allowing crews to remove their legs from the chute. The improved conditions allowed Stuart Poole (PRO) to set a longer course, utilising the length of the lake and allowing more tactical racing. Wayne and Deb Fletcher came back to take their second bullet of the day followed closely by Michael Sims and Rich Brown in second and Paul and Michael Allen in third.

At this point the fleet broke for the evening, with the bar in full flow and the galley doing their infamous curry and rice everyone get a little merry. It wasn’t long before the alcohol fund came out and the youngster taught the slight older ones how to play ring of fire. Needless to say Sunday 14th September started with a lot of hangovers and some very green faces.

A relatively sober shot from Saturday. Photo Louise Clayton

A relatively sober shot from Saturday. Photo Louise Clayton

The 4th race kicked off on time and this time it was Michael Sims and Rich Brown who posted the first bullet of the day! Wayne and Deb Fletcher were second and David Exley and Louise McKeand were third.

Race 5 started quite quickly afterwards with Chris Pickles and Martin Sharman coming back to claim their first bullet of the day and show they were still thinking about that shiny RS 400 Northern tour trophy waiting in the club house. Caroline Exley and Jude Allen posted their highest place of the weekend coming second and Wayne and Deb Fletcher third.

With a quick comfort break the fleet of 28 boats came back out on to the water for the final race of the two days, but with a black flag making an appearance and a general recall it took a few tries to get the fleet off and going. Leaving the placing of the 6th race to be Chris Pickles and Martin Sharman getting their final bullet of the weekend, and winning the RS 400 Northern Tour for 2014. Wayne and Deb came back with a second and Michael Sims and Rich Brown came in third.

Big thank you to everyone who came and joined in with our Record Breakers themed weekend, and to Rebecca Ogden and Nicki Theokritoff for taking the photo’s over the weekend. NCSC hopes to see you all again next year!!

Rank Club Boat No Helm Name Crew Name
1st Delph SC 703 Chris Pickles Martin Sharman
2nd Scaling Dam 1029 Wayne Fletcher Deb Fletcher
3rd Carsington SC 1435 Michael Sims Rich Brown
4th LLSC 1395 Paul Allen Michael Allen
5th LLSC 1186 David Exley Louise McKeand
6th LLSC 1216 Caroline Exley Jude Allen

Full Results

Here are some photos thanks to Nicki Theokritoft, Louise Clayton and Rebecca Ogden.

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