Force 9 at Notts County

Yes according to the wind meter (now working again – radio signal problem) the maximum gust today was 57mph, (see below) it was a speedy (!) force 6 to 7

Wind readout 30th Dec 15

Wind readout 30th Dec 15

The better windsurfers arrived in force from 9.30am onwards with Mike Moody on a 3.3 and Emily on 3.4, Dean trying to show off (he struggled) on a 5.5 sq ,m hastily changed to a 5 sq m. Others opted for 4.5 to 4.7, no one stayed dry, and Alister Howie had the worst luck breaking his new mast on his first run, he also had the longest walk of shame! Can’t remember the air being so warm, and certainly one of the windiest days I have been down, below are quite  a few (well ok 64) shots of the extreme conditions taken in between the odd sail (till I got to cold)

Steve’s Video (inc one of Cameron’s loops) and a short 20 second one from me

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