Pondlife 2016

The university of Nottingham windsurfing Club’s Pondlife event took place at Notts County Sailing Club this weekend. About 150 students came along from all over the country including some Notts County members. The day started slowly with kit being rigged and the Red Bull music waking everyone up.

But soon hangovers where cleared by  quick dip, especially the beginners and Team Racers, it was cold and there was a lot of pain as hands rewarmed!

Slalom racing both intermediate and advanced was run, along with Team Racing. Large numbers of beginners tried windsurfing, and it was great to see the water filled with windsurfers in spite of the weather.

Pondlife 2016

Sunday saw an even later start, and plenty more sore heads, it was virtually lunchtime before everyone arrived, but before longer beginners racing and freestyle competitions were held, and the sun even appeared.

Yet again a great event, very good natured and lots of fun.

link to photo show

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