Honda RIB Challenge Club heats to go to regional final

Honda Youth Rib Challenge

383 2016  rib challenge training-0343Monday evening saw a the club final of the rib challenge. A group of junior have been practising for this event for the last two months. They have to complete a comprising of a “L” shaped slalom, a stop exercise and a reversing round a buoy. They compete against the clock with penalties for failing any part of the challenge but the emphasis is always on safety and boat handling. (RYA Honda Challenge website)

13 juniors took part in the final, 8 in the junior (8-12) age group and 5 in the teen (13-16) age group. Each competitor has runs on the course and the better time recorded as their time. 6 of these youngsters completed the course with no penalty points. There was some very good driving from all the youngsters who all displayed excellent boat handling techniques.

After a long evening the results were finally in here was a clear winner in eachand some close competition amongst the other.

 In the teen age group these are the results.
1 Kayla Simmonds 1:05.59
2 Nikos Katsouris 1:23.16
3 James Henson 1:38.18
4 Ethan Scully 1:43.92
5 Daniel Exwood 2:01.53

In the junior age group
1 Ben Palimg 1:34.59
2 Jacob Gent 2:07.57
3 Harry Widdowson 2:17.13
4 Harriott Maxwell 2:17.88
5 Max Widdowson 2:48.80
6 Matthew Gunn 2:51.36
7 Charles Miles-Hayler 2:57.04.

Ben and Kayla will now represent the club at the regional final on July 16th at Burton Sailing Club.

There will be one last session next week 11th July.

I will have some certificates to hand out to all those who took part.

Hope all those who took part this year enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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