3 Clubs report 2016

Challenging Conditions for NCSC as Girton Hosts 2016

Three Club Challenge

Racing at Girton - Nicola Willars

Racing at Girton – Nicola Willars

The annual Three Club Challenge team sailing event between ourselves, Hykeham and Girton took place on 9th July 2016.

Each team should field at least 10 boats, and as all results count we met a uphill challenge when we arrived with just 9.

Team at Girton- Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith

Team at Girton- Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith

The day greeted us with heavy rain, and the wind forecast looked to be drastically incorrect – those who had packed their Radial Rigs were wondering if this was the wise choice.

As tradition dictates, we fielded a team of mixed abilities to represent the different sections of the club.  Amy, Chloe and Jake represented the Youth Squad as helms and Morgan joined Richard as crew in the mighty GP14.  Glynn helmed the family’s Mirror with little Isobel.  They were joined by and Clive Gimson in his Solo, Kathryn in her Radial, plus fellow Laser Sailors Kev Nichols, and Luke Steagles.

The lighter winds of the first two races seemed to suit the Hykeham Solo’s, but leading Notts sailor Luke Steagles relentlessly gave them a run for their money in his “heavy wind table cloth sail” he’d packed for the Big Wind!

Girton’s water demanded close attention as the team negotiated:

Sand banks – although the sand did come in handy as a cushion for some as they returned to the leeward shore!

Massive wind shadows (local knowledge certainly paid dividends at Buoy 4 as Clive’s Solo stalled after a cracking start!)

And the odd circle of weed (Kathryn almost suffering whiplash when her boat stopped dead on the first beat, and Chloe seemed to spend an awful lot of time checking her rudder!).

Racing at the front was close with our valiant sailors trying their hardest as the team reduced even further as equipment failed in the last race. As the wind began to properly fill in the GP became more of a handful and Morgan got to demonstrate his dry capsize skills to his helm Richard Paling!

Chloe continued with the mantra flat is fast, whilst Jake sailed his monster Solution without one capsize during the racing (although he treated us to an impressive death roll sailing in!) and Amy seemed to be forever raising her daggerboard to remove the dreaded weed.

The teams completed the 3 races to increasing  wind, and eventually were treated to a little Girton sunshine.

girton 3 clubs 1

Checking course – Nicola Willars

Finishing 2nd, our team put in a great performance, and here are the individual team members final results out of 29:





Luke “Trigger Start” Steagles – 4th
Kev “Captain” Nichols – 7th
Clive Gimson – 10th
Chloe Willars – 16th
Jake Willars – 17th
Richard Paling and Morgan Mullen “One’s Company, but two on the Centreboard is just a crowd” – 18th
Amy Hinsliff Smith – 21st
Kathryn Hinsliff Smith – 25th
Glynn & Isobel “Team Tenacious” Ritchie – 27th

Without doubt special mention goes to tiny but tenacious Isobel who smiled all day, crewing for dad Glynn in their Mirror.

Big thanks go to Team Captain Kev Nicholls who had his work cut out organising a team and ensuring we all managed to get our boats there on time. It was great to see such a wide mix of sailors enjoying the trip.

Here’s to 2017 when Notts County are hosts, and have the chance to steal back the trophy !

girton 3 clubs 2

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