Family Team relay race 29th August 2016

August Bank Holiday Monday sees our annual 6 hour race, aimed at families and teams of up to 6, which must include two of following, lady, junior, man.

As usual there was great fun to be had with the traditional relaxed family/team bank holiday relay race. Unlike normal the weather gods were kind with sun, reasonable (if fickle) wind and for the first time any of us can remember absolutely no rain. From drysuits last year to shorts and tea shirts this, what a difference a year makes.

This brought out a number of spectators, cruisers and stand up paddle boarders (SUP) to add to the atmosphere. A number of the racers also had a go at SUP although any notion the vice-commodore had of graceful paddling and gliding across the lake was soon dispelled by his impersonation of jelly on a plate.

We had four teams take part this year, with 20 competitors.

The Paling Pirates in a GP 14. Last year’s winners and this year bolstered by the roving buccaneers -Martin, Caroline and Simon

The 4 non-blondes in a Laser Radial – Viv, Shellee, Cathy and Tamsin joined by the follicularly less blonde Paul and Adrian.

The Wombat Warriors – the irrespressible Willars family and associates including the afore-mentioned Martin and Caroline – perhaps being tempted away from the darkside by the luminous lure of a Scorpion.

The Mullen IDK (as in I Don’t Know when Morgan was asked what his team name was) in a Wanderer – family sailing at its finest.

A Le Mans started triggered by John Parrs stirring speech of “On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!” set in motion a gymnastic display by Bob Mullen worthy of the Olympics before all lept into their crafts for 6 hours of racing, frequent helm changes (at least nine were mandated by the rules) and one capsize.

So to the prizes.

Best (indeed only) capsize of the day – Chloe and Kezia

Sibling harmony – Morgan and Lily

Best embarkation into a boat – Ed being launched headfirst by Ben into the GP14 (see photo)

And finally the overall results

1st             The Paling Pirates
2nd           The 4 non-blondes
3rd            Mullen IDK
4th            Wombat Warriors

Hope to see you next year – Adrian Jones (vice Commodore and SUP extraordinaire or perhaps just extra-ordinary)

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