Work party and Oppi training

Fantastic turnout of nearly thirty for the work party and all the landing stages have been cut up and readied to burn with floats separated for reuse and metal parts salvaged. Thanks to all who took part.

Meanwhile the opposition race training has commenced (see photos) with an enthusiastic bunch of sailors and parents. Great to see youngsters out in October enjoying the water.

Elsewhere the Powerboat instructor course was taking place, and the university dinghy side running their freshers event.

Finally the windsurf car boot saw a number of windsurfers grab some bargains and set themselves up to start windsurfing.


Oppi squad getting ready and in action



The pontoon work party hard at work (mostly!)

oppi-and-work-party-2207 oppi-and-work-party-2206 oppi-and-work-party-2205 oppi-and-work-party-2204

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