Membership renewal

We are getting quite a few emails and have also talked to quite a few people at the club who are saying they aren’t aware of having their membership renewal.

Those 17 members that don’t have email should have received a letter by post, the rest have been sent the renewal by email, this not only saves the club considerable amounts of postage and should be easier on club volunteers, it is also quicker. The email was sent between 5th and 7th January 2017. Tim has checked and all but a few emails have been delivered to your e mail providers server (we can’t check further). If you check your received folder and look for an email from or with a heading NCSC Membership renewal (see mine below as an example.

You now have just over 2 weeks to pay at the stated renewal fees.

The Newsletters (which are also sent to every member via email) have explained the renewals are being sent via email, with a facility to to pay by BACS or cheque. 

If you can not find it in your received mail please check your spam folder, this will normally be online and you will need to sign on to your providers website to view it (there are some hints based on a couple of providers below)

If you still don’t appear to have the renewal please email Adrian on and he will send you a new email with the renewal, if your email has changed in the last year or so and you have not received your email please also let us know.

Some hints on getting Webmail access.

Go you your email providers website (btinternet, gmail, hotmail etc) website and find login to email.

Sign in

look in spam folder (click it) for ncsc stuff

also similar on Gmail


allow it or transfer the email to inbox, normally the system will then accept this address (but not always!).

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