County Cooler Report

Well the County Cooler certainly lived up to its name, 2’c or so and abiding wind, no one came in feeling warm, but the clean wind on both days made for some good close racing, and after two days of racing 6 points separated the top five.

There were 34 entries, good for a first event in freezing February, with sailors from five clubs taking part, including Staunton Harold, Northampton, Nottingham and Trent Valley.

Saturday saw racing start around 11am with two back to back races, in lightish northerly winds, with an air temperature of 2’C, Nigel & Di Peperdine won the first race in an RS200, Rich Pepperdine won the second race in his solo, after a late lunch Sam Jones the third in his laser. 

Sunday wasn’t any warmer, putting a few less hardy (or is it sensible) folk off. The first race was won by Each Rhodes and Simon Forbes in their Scorpion, and for the final race yet another helm won, with Corey Newton taking first on handicap in his Supernova.

In the final results it was actually Grahame Newton who took the honours in a laser with a constant string of seconds and thirds. 

The first Notts County boat was Andrew Farmer and Rebecca Ogden in a Flying 15, followed by John Hobson in a Aero 7. Paul Moughtin-Leay was the first junior in 9th place.

The Windsurfers saw Kevin Clark win all five races with Barry Collins second.

County Cooler Results 

The second part of the series took place at Staunton, with 26 entries and the Fireballs dominating in strong winds. First place Notts County Sailor was Ian Firth (4 th overall) more detail on Staunton’s site Staunton report 

Overall Results of the mini series: Overall results of both events

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