Honda Rib Challenge Club finals 17

Eighteen youngsters took part in the training for the Honda Rib Challenge, organised by the RYA in regional heats and finals at Southampton. The course demands skill and precision along with speed, as its timed. First the youngsters drive through slalom course which requires high speed skills of steering and judgment, then hey need to come to a stop by  a mark with a lifebelt and pick the lifebelt up and drop it back on the post, the next test is reversing cleanly round a buoy and off to the finish. See RYA page for details

Neil Unwin has led the team of Powerboat instructors who have spent the last 10 weeks training the youngsters for the club finals which took place on Monday 26th June.

Whilst we have had several club members reach the national finals, we have never won, but it is an excellent way to teach youngsters about powerboat control, and I believe one or two of the early Junior club contestants are now powerboat instructors.

Twelve competitors arrived to challenge the clock, results are below so Edward & Jacob go on to represent us at the Regional finals this Saturday at Staunton Harold.

13 – 16   Edward Williamson 1:40:10
8 – 12   Jacob Gent 1:33:76
    Ben Paling   1:35:01
    Robert Stevenson 1:40:23
    Guy Pears   2:17:37
    Pip Williamson 2:04:34
    Harry Williamson 2:07:40
    Max Williamson 2:08:28
    Hattie Maxwell 2:14:54
    Charles Miles-Hayler 2:21:80
    Georgia Riddell 2:41:80
    Ed Paling   3:00:89
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