Willow Farm at Notts County

Over the last six weeks  dedicated selection of volunteers led by Julie Hall & Martin Payne have been teaching year 6s to sail.(11 year olds). I am going to leave it to the head and children for a few quotes, at the bottom of the photos are the thank you cards to the instructors.

“To try a new skill like sailing, that none of the children had done before means they all start at the same level and you see character traits coming through, the children’s resilience. Sometimes in a classroom situation children are quiet but when you put them on the water they can absolutely excel and also vice versa the children you presume before you do it are going to be those children who will take to it naturally don’t. The traits of confidence, teamwork the traits we instil at our school it’s lovely to see them put all of that into practise. 
The Quiet children who don’t excel in team sports, like one particular chap who doesn’t speak much hasn’t been part of the football team or any of those things, yet put him in a boat he has been sailing round on his own and really taking to it.”
Some of the children’s comments:
My Favourite part was me capsizing. “oops!” 
I will never forget it.
I will definitely use my knowledge that you have given me and I will carry on sailing.
I am sad these six weeks have gone so fast.
My favourite part was when the storm came and we nearly capsized.
My favourite part was rigging the boats.
Thank you for the best 6 weeks experience EVER!
On the first week of sailing I knew nothing but now I feel like a Pro (I know i’m not but I feel much more confident sailing on my own)
My favourite part was doing Simon says with Balance.
I loved the week when it was really windy we got some epic speed, thanks for everything.
Thanks to all who helped on shore, in the boats and instructors. We have invited the class down to Saturday club over the next three weeks in the hope it will become a life long sport.
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