Chernobyl visits 2017

The first Chernobyl visit took place on 25th July 2017 starting at midday and finishing at 4pm, with the Nottingham link. The wind was light, and it was a bit dull, but 13 enthusiastic children god on the wattle in Oppies, the Cobble and Commodore. The visits are organised by Sailability co-ordinator Anne Clark, and John Chambers was in charge of the on water activity, with another 11 helpers, thanks to all. The afternoon saw some sunshine and a virtually calm lake, so there was more paddling than sailing, but smiles all round.

The second visit from the Newark link saw similar numbers out in the light winds and sunshine, with both cobbles and the Oppies pressed into use. Thanks to all the helpers, including Ian Firth as beechmaster/Safety.

A few photos from both visits

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