Family 6 hour race

The annual Bank Holiday relay race saw almost 40 sailors in 5 boats (2 club Topazes, a Scorpion, a GP14 and an Optimist) sail for over 6 hours. Debra Pennington kept a watchful eye on all the competitors in a race that took place in glorious Bank Holiday sunshine with a fair breeze to match. 

The start horn went at 10.30am, the traditional Le Mans start went off without the usual slips and spills but the sailors made up for that with a number of capsizes ably lead by Martin Miller Senior Instructor in a Topaz and the Vice Commodore Adrian Jones managing to sink Cillian’s prized Optimist. At least we now know what trim is about and that the flotation works! Even the winning team the Skillful Scorpions were not spared a capsize or two, but notable the Terrific Topazes stayed upright throughout. The course was a simple short rectangular course near the club house, and the wind went from a light to moderate breeze over the day.

The rules of the competition meant that helming had to be shared between a man, a woman and a junior, with our youngest helm only 7 years of age and the oldest half a century more than that. The teams had to change helms at least 9 times and several sailors managed to sail for more than one team as well as cook and eat a BBQ lunch.

The results were: –

1st Skillful Scorpions        Scorpion
2nd Team GP                          GP14
3rd The Submariners        Topaz
4th The Terrific Topaz       Topaz
5th The Crazy Racer           Optimist

The winning team the Skillful Scorpions narrowly beat the current holders to the Crouch Trophy in a great example of the club at its family friendly best.

There were many others down spectating or just enjoying a pleasant sail or the sunshine.

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