Rs 400 Northern Series at Notts County 2018

The RS400 Northern Series had its final event at the club over 22/23rd September. The high winds predicted thankfully didn’t appear, but where replaced with much calmer conditions, and the first cold spell for some time, not only that it rained!

This didn’t stop over 30 boats entering, some travelling from afar. The first race was held in  alight breeze, and Nadina Lincoln set a beat, reach then windward leeward course. After a general recall the fleet set off and had a good hour long race before lunch.

After lunch it was two back to back races in a fading wind, and rain. Most where happy to get under  shot shower and have a cup of tea and doughnut before the evening meal, the odd pint and a good social.

Sunday saw light winds for the first race, but at least the sun come up taking the chill off the day.

Photos below, as always contact the website if larger images needed, you are welcome to share for personal use, please mention the club. A short video of Saturday  Results 

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