E sailing – Virtual Racing

 Through the RYA the club has a VIP pass which allows us to set up races on virtual regatta.  A short explanation video and the RYA race on 1/4/20 some Olympic Sailors on here!

To participate join the clubs VR group – the Willars are coordinating this (thanks Chloe in particular)  WhatsApp group to get times and information.  The races will mostly be coded (code on WhatsApp group) to allow club members to join, you type in the code in the lock and arrow area (I think) and it takes you straight to the race. The races open up for entry about 5 mins before the start. 

There is also a team racing series run by John the WhatsApp Group  is https://chat.whatsapp.com/DhBrmHNj6IiHtQ0f6qqqGX

Martin Gunn is also organising Youth Squad virtual racing and will be in contact direct about it.

There are two series at present 11am Sunday, and 7pm Thursday, and quite a few fun races in between.

To use it create a login https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/ and see below to join a race. It is being co-odintaed via a WhatsApp group, Nicola/ Chloe have volunteered as the admin Link here tio contact them.

Results of  Sunday Race series 1   and Thursday night

Results of Sunday Race Series 2 and Thursday Night series 2

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