Sunday Virtual series 1

Well after only a handful of proper sailing Sundays Covid19 stopped play for both our sailing and life in general – but most importantly our sailing (as sailing is life). So as a substitute competitors took to the water virtually in the form of the app/website VR inshore, a big thank you to Chloe Willars for organising all the racing and the results. 

 After 4 weeks of Sunday racing 12 races had been completed (3 each week) with 4 discards. The first series ended here so that more members can join us for the next series (if your interested but don’t know how to get started feel free to contact Team Willars, Tim Cripps, John Tailby or David Eberlin). Anyway Sam Grayton (Vr name Sam315) took the win, no change there then. In second was Matt Potter under the name of Robinhud l, sadly for Matt’s dad Nigel the only repairs were to some people’s dignity, seems you can’t damage online boats (trust me I’ve tried). And in 3rd was Tim Cripps under the name of HOOF HEARTED, or Laserman, or LasermanTim – if one more name change happened I thing Chloe may have taken him out. Overall there were 24 competitors in what turned out to be a fun and competitive event. With a new series starting next Sunday (10th May) then is the perfect opportunity for any other members fancying a go to join the fun! The first race begins at 11am.

 Additionally we tried a bit of team racing ran by John Tailby on a Sunday evening, as the teams varied every week there were no overall results for this. But the game lends itself rather well to team racing, with each team having different sail colours. We predominantly used the star class for this, which resulted in some interesting antics downwind as the racing rules on VR inshore are at times a bit questionable. A group of 4 from the team racing has also entered a national team racing competition that will run over the next few weeks. The NCSC team comprises of Sam Grayton (Sam315), Matt Potter (Robinhud), Jake Willars (Jakethecornerbanger) and John Tailby (Silverballs the crew). How we will get on we shall have to find out. If interested in giving team racing a go let John Tailby, a member of team willars or Tim Cripps know and they’ll point you in the right direction. Racing here happens around 7pm on a Sunday evening.

 We’ve tried to make the of the situation with virtual sailing and whilst it isn’t the real thing it’s the best we can do at the moment. So stay safe and we hope to see you on the water as soon as it is safe.

 Sunday Race series 1 

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