Boat berths

Dinghies and boards may be stored at the club on payment of a berth fee.

The boat park is arranged according to the type of boat. New members seeking a space should consult the Boat Park Manager either Andy Buchan or Nik Wheelhouse (numbers in handbook) or email The Membership Secretary will issue a berthing sticker, which must be displayed on the rail to the left of the boat space, with your membership number written on.

Any boats located in a berth without an up to date sticker are likely to be moved to allow for new members boats (the up to date sticker should be displayed by early April).

No craft other than dinghies or boards may be stored at the club and members may only store one craft in their allocated berth.

Owners are responsible for ensuring their boats/boards are properly tied down, the club provide suitable ties in the ground either side of designated berths (except toppers) these may be under grass etc.

You should cut the grass round your berth and strimmers are available.

There are a limited number of windsurfing berths in a container for regular users of the water. Please contact David Eberlin.

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