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Rs 400 Northern Series at Notts County 2018

The RS400 Northern Series had its final event at the club over 22/23rd September. The high winds predicted thankfully didn’t appear, but where replaced with much calmer conditions, and the first cold spell for some time, not only that it rained!

This didn’t stop over 30 boats entering, some travelling from afar. The first race was held in  alight breeze, and Nadina Lincoln set a beat, reach then windward leeward course. After a general recall the fleet set off and had a good hour long race before lunch.

After lunch it was two back to back races in a fading wind, and rain. Most where happy to get under  shot shower and have a cup of tea and doughnut before the evening meal, the odd pint and a good social.

Sunday saw light winds for the first race, but at least the sun come up taking the chill off the day.

Photos below, as always contact the website if larger images needed, you are welcome to share for personal use, please mention the club. A short video of Saturday  Results


September winds

The windsurfers have been making good use of the high winds over the last two days. On Wednesday there were force 8 gusts, making it difficult to do anything on the smallest kit, except Cameron who was looping and looking in control. But the best wipe out was Steve Thompson (see photos), more predicted later in week.

Solo open 2018

Notts County Sailing Club Dinghy Rope and Noble Marine Solo Open

Early September saw the Notts County SC Dinghy Rope and Noble Marine Solo open with an excellent turnout of 27 sailors, many from the Midlands, but also Yorkshire, Budworth.

Whilst it was cooler than recently there was a brisk wind, which rose to force 5 gusts in the afternoon, giving some great, if a little wet sailing. Inevitably there where a few spills, especially on the downwind leg, and even some of the top sailors made mistakes.

Racing was close and competitive and only a few points separated the top five by lunch.

The morning started with a variable 8-10 knot wind and Martin Honor (Ogston and Philip Barnes won a race.

A significant wind shift cut short the race officers Nadina Lincoln and William Jeffcote’s lunch, the course was reset and the third race started on time. Chris Brown won the next two races giving him the overall open meeting, a few points ahead of veteran Martin Honor. Philip Barnes was third. First Notts County Sailor and first Grand Master (over 60) was Paul Ogden, and first Septimus (over 70) was John Webster from Carsington.

The prizegiving took place in the club house with prizes from Dinghy Rope and Noble Marine.

Results  yachts and yachting report

Photos below, larger versions available email 


August Relay Race

August Bank Holiday Monday saw our traditional 6-hour relay race. Although the emphasis is on fun and participation there is still a trophy to be won. This year we had 26 entrants some of whom had only raced a little so we had to split the juniors up to give the adults a chance.

The conditions were a reasonable temperature (around 15-19 C) but with gusty conditions which saw a fair few capsizes. The course was a five-buoy box course but just to mix things up in the afternoon at the sound of a claxon the course changed from anti-clockwise to clockwise.

The race started with the usual Le Mans style dash down the bank and this year the boats were all club Topazes which made things more even – or so you would have thought! Neil and Alex Chadbourn soon carved out an impressive lead for the Notts County Flyers.

The morning racing continued to be close with all teams completing the mandatory 9 changes and even completing the team lap – ie all the team in the boat at the same time – Topazes are sure rugged even when submarining.

Procedings were brought to an abrupt halt at lunchtime when strong gusts led to a number of breakages including a mast and a tiller extension. A quick stop for repairs courtesy of the elves, a quick BBQ-while-you-wait, and things were soon underway again.

By 4pm everyone was thoroughly exhausted, and the results were eagerly awaited. Huge thanks to Debra Pennington as Race Officer and Scorer with Mandy Davie as Chief Assistant.

So, to the results the captains were juniors:
1st: Notts County Flyers: Led by Sam, with Mike Grayton, Neil Chadburn, Chloe Grayton, Alex, Lucy
2nd: T – Rex: led by Tobias, with Tim Miles -Haylor, John Davie, Jo Ritchie Tansy, Matt
Joint 3rd: Jammy Juniors: led by Georgia, with Isabel, Eloise, Samantha, Phil Dyne, Viv Weston, Elsie
Joint 3rd: Charlies Angles led by Charles (Bosuns son), with Cilian, Ade Jones (Commodore) Jo Riddell, Glyn Ritchie, James Beaumont

Look forward to seeing everyone next year – Adrian Jones


Red arrows fly over the lake

Today we were treated with a full Red Arrows display at Syerston, and the view from the balcony was pretty special. Thanks for heads up from Debra Pennington. 

It was in honour of the air cadets (see BBC EM today for a report) but about 40 club members including some on the water had a grandstand view.

A few photos from the 25 minute display.

Summer Junior Course 2018

The club ran one of its larger summer junior courses this week (13th – 16th Aug) with 36 youngsters, ranging from first time sailors through to intermediate racing. Everyone achieved and there were a good number of Stage 1 and 2 along with Start and intermediate racing.

As usual there was an army of volunteers including many of our young instructors (who had to dash off for A level results on Thursday – hope the results were good). Pauline provided food for the youngsters and instructors, and Ben Thomas was the SI. Yet again the bosun (Tim MH) spent hours making sure we had a full compliment of safety boats, which were essential especially on Windy Wednesday (it was windsurfing weather!) with force 4 to 5 gusts. The reminder of the week was lighter, but with sufficient wind for quick progress.

Some photos from Wednesday afternoon but mainly Thursday 

Notts County on Tour 2018

This is a page dedicated to those that have travelled this summer to represent the club at National / Zone events. 

Windsurfing Nationals at Rutland 

The Notts County Team 15 sailors represented the club at the National Windsurfing Championships at Rutland Sailing Club on 15/16th September, amongst 170 entrants. Five windsurfers took part in the Techno 5.8 and Techno 6.8 classes. Molly Sprekley was on the 5.8 Techno on the north wing with 73 other windsurfers doing 5 races in the weekend and having a great time.

Out on the main body of the water our sailors did well to just make the start 1.5 miles away! They had a spread of results, Duncan Monaghan was third boy (7th o/a in the 26 strong national Techno fleet this is feeder to Rsx Olympic class like the Topper) and managed the finish every race, which is more than Guy Sprekley managed in the tough conditions on Sunday (gusting 24 knots but white capping most the the racing) not only that he acted in a very sportsman like way having finished two exhausting races he didn’t just tail it for home, but went ashore to help put others on the safety boats, a credit to the club. On Saturday Kyle Howe and Charlotte Taylor managed all four races with some credible results, and Linus (having been fencing in the morning) completed two races. Unfortunately the conditions were two much for all of them on Sunday, hardly surprisingly as they have only been windsurfing for two years. They all enjoyed the experience of their first national event so hopefully will be back for more. 

… and the adults Guy Sprekley was 14th not his usual position, with kit problems, but some credible 5th and 6th on Saturday, meanwhile Gerry as HPM was stuck on shore most of the weekend.

Charlotte rounding the windward mark

Kyle royndingbthe windward mark

Molly on Saturday

Guy enjoying himself on Saturday in 5th place

Team Notts County – or Notts Outlaws

Duncan out in the 24 knot winds

National Scout Regatta

Two NCSC juniors came home with wins last weekend representing Nottinghamshire at the National Scout Regatta in South Shields. Euan Bremner-Harrison (11) is showing off his shield for first place in the under-13 single hander, and he was also victorious crew in the under-15 fast double-hander. Robert Stevenson(13) was crew in the winning boat in the under-18 fast double hander. Oscar Middleton, a relatively new club junior, was also part of the Nottinghamshire Scouts team. – Report and Photo Mike Stevenson

China bound August 2018 – Topper World Championship  – Molly & Katheryn Hinsliff-Smith

Molly and I were privileged to attend the Topper World Championship to be held in the South China Sea. A six day championship to be held at a purpose built marina, sailing school and hotel 2 hours North East of Hong Kong.

I say privileged because the  trip was subsidised by the Chinese sponsor allowing to cover some of the cost for the sailor and a small amount for the parent.  Molly had to meet the selection criteria and apply. In total 65 GBR sailors attended the event (although not all received sponsorship).

So in August we set off wth two long haul flights knowing it would be hot, humid but an adventure. Only the week before Molly had competed in the Nationals at Weymouth. This was going to be a busy summer school holidays.

We arrived late on the Monday evening (having left Sunday morning from Birmingham) but the hotel room was great even with a view of the marina and race course. We were exhausted though and glad to get into bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday was scheduled as boat allocation and measuring day and also an opportunity to get out on the water.  In total over 260 new Toppers had been bought by various Chinese sailing schools via Topper and the Chinese sponsor. 1st job was to find Molly’s allocated boat, check for condition and swap all the gear that we had brought with us. We confused many custom checks with a kicker, main sheet, spanner set, wet and dry and sailing gear!  Unfortunately this been typhoon season the sailors were not allowed to be in the water for either day but it was looking good for the 1st day of the Champs on Thursday.  Once measured most of the sailors caught up with their squad leaving us parents to try the local beer and food……food options were interesting as you can see below. Even breakfast consisted of Chinese options of rice, noodles, dumplings, greens, sweet potatoes and tea.

The RO was a Kiwi used to running very large and prestigious Olympic class events, so whilst he was experienced he couldn’t muster up much wind.  After the daily briefing all sailors from 20 countries were excited and desperate to get on the water since they were not sailing their own craft.  I was assisting the launch in checking all sailors were in the right boats, had their safety tally bands and were wearing their sailing bibs.  You can plan for many things but the fact the medical tally bands were red, a lucky colour for the Chinese, therefore these quickly disappeared as good luck charms, also bibs were worn for friends and many overseas sailors are not used to launching or how to use a bailer. Let’s say the Topper maintenance team were kept busy!   

Just as we launched the heavens opened, let’s say those of us helping could easily have won the drowned rat competition.

The 4.2 fleet managed three races as they had one start whilst the size of the 5.3 fleet meant the fleet was split into three flights.  Whilst this makes the start more manageable it did mean the race team needed to get three races in.  Tricky as the forecast typhoon had stolen the wind so sailors returned to shore with only two flight scores, they needed three to count.   What would Day 2 bring? Molly achieved a 31st placing in her flight so a good start, all to play for.

Day 2, earlier scheduled start time so after the 8-9 breakfast slot and briefing they launched in very hot and humid conditions.  The briefing and discussion amongst most of the GBR fleet was how many of other sailors (naming no country ….but the hosts) were not observing rules, understanding rules or even listening to the judges infringements.  The judges were quick to highlight what a turn means and even how many.  This was particular true for a 1st placed sailor who was recorded on a drone hitting a mark and not doing any turns! The GBR sailors were going to have to be firm, the playing field was not quite even.

Good news that they did get a result for the 3rd flight but then the wind disappeared despite many races started it wasn’t consistent.

Day 3 so similar light conditions with a swap of course area.  Thankfully by now some parents found we could use the next hotel facilities.  All I can say is we made use of the beach, infinity pool, afternoon tea offers and the BOGOF deal (happy hour every day 4 till 6). Beer was £2.20 a bottle.  Having settled at the pool we were quickly rushing back to the club as boats were been towed in…it was for lunch/comfort stops and a re launch.  The sailors had been out over four hours waiting for wind.  This was beginning to be one of the lightest Champs comparable to the Nationals two years ago.

Day 4 parents were keen to see something other than the hotel, local fishing village so a tour to an ancient walled city and temple was arranged via local bus. Yours truly was the guide for a party of 17 leaving the sailors to be launched (if at all) by others.  

We had a great day and at last upon our return heard “we managed to get a race in” so far 2 fully countable races…what would Day 5 bring.

By now a number of volunteer mark layers and safety crews were struggling with tummy issues so myself and another parent were drafted in to be finish line recorders, no pressure to get it right!  We were looking forward to going out in one of the beautiful yachts we had seen in the marina…would we be allowed a g & t.

By now the race team were desperate to at least get four races in as this was the qualifiers and then they would race the gold fleet to get an overall 5.3 World Champ. Not such a large request but the wind had finally died so the sailors were despatched to beach games whilst we waited and waited and waited for wind.  From 10 until 15.00 the team waited out in the water hunting for the elusive wind. By 15.30 it was decided to abandon all racing. This resulted in no 5.3 World Champ but instead a crowned 5.3 event winner.  Molly was delighted that the winner, Tom Peacock, from her national squad won by securing a 1st and 3rd place, helped by a top sailor slipping out of his boat on the last leg…. oops.  Tom was an unlikely winner but there were many celebrations on Monday night as we enjoyed a Western style all you can eat buffet and drinks at the posh hotel.  We drank the bar dry.

The organisers had arranged a number of social events including an opening country parade and an individual county performance.  What would the GBR team perform?  Nothing less than What shall we do with Topper sailor (to the music of drunken sailor) accompanied with a Topper on stage used as a musical instrument. Sudan and Hong Kong stole the show along with a performance of the Monkey dance (ask the youngsters).

Overall Molly came 93rd out of 223 competitors in the 5.3 fleet and was 8th GBR female.  All were disappointed that the Worlds could not deliver enough wind for more racing but that’s sailing…..

Afterwards a large number of us extended our trip with a tour to Xian where the famous terracotta warriors are buried then by bullet train to Beijing for further exploring and a visit to the Great Wall of China. The tour was full on and tiring but it was wonderful to spend time with Molly, the other sailors and parents.

Was it worth it?  Absolutely we had an amazing experience and Molly feels very honoured to represent GBR at this event.  Not many 15 year old a can say they competed in a World Championship held in China.  Next step we await to see if Molly gets a place in the the new RYA all girl National Topper squad.

2019 the World Champs will be held in Holland (starting 22/7/2019). The Nationals will be held in Largs, Scotland in August so next summer promises to be just as full on but enjoyable.

Thank you to all the club sailors and parents who passed on their good wishes. We were proud to represent NCSC and I passed in our club burgee and clothing to the Centre Director and lead coaches, we are welcome anytime including positions for sailing instructors. They had two UK instructors working for the summer having an amazing and different working experience.
report & photos: Kathryn and Molly Hinsliff-Smith   

RS400 Nationals

Come the middle of August the RS Games in Weymouth saw the arrival of the RS 400 fleet to the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing academy. 73 crews had entered what was to be the RS400 European and National Championships. Seven crews had entered from Notts County with high hopes for the 5 days racing and partying to follow. Day one saw strong winds and all seven boats on the start line for what was described by all as probably the best days sailing they had had in years. 20 plus knots of wind made for exciting downwind blasts and equally hard upwind sailing. A good mix of results were recorded for the day.
Day 2 saw even more wind and only four of the seven getting on the water, a walk to Portland and a bike ride being favoured by others. Those that did make it out following an hour’s delay enjoyed another blasting day with a few more spills and one crew having to swim for a detached rudder in the harbour.
The next 3 days saw lighter winds and sailing in the bay which meant a one and a half hour sail to the start line and the same coming back. The first three days were qualifiers with crews being split into gold and silver fleet and randomly a bronze fleet. Ross Ryan and Oliver Ryan-Moore made the gold fleet with the rest of us in the silver and bronze fleet. After two days of finals the results at the top of the gold fleet were extremely close with several crews able to win it, unfortunately none of us were included in that number. However on reflection it was a fantastically organised five days sailing excellent race management, great company and some great results by all. The RS400 fleet benefit from having Matthew Sheahan amongst our fleet who does the reports for our fleet  the link will take you to some really excellent reports for a day to day write up. – Paul Reynolds fleet captain

and from the Vice Commodore

The recently completed RS Games, held at the Weymouth olympics 2012 venue, had over 1300 competitors taking part in the month long festival of sailing. Notts County was well represented across the RS range; Alan and Paul in the Aeros, Richard in the 300s, Ross and Ollie, John and Matt, James and Philippa, Ken and Goiz, Tim and Tor, Martin and Moira, Paul and Simon in the 400s, Jamie, Alex, Simon and Matt in the 600s. In both the 400s and 600s NCSC making up 10% of the entry.

Needless to say, we all had a ball sailing in the full range of conditions across the Weymouth harbour and bay – where a racing day involved around 28-30 miles and 6 hours on the water. Results wise, it was a mixed bag. Jamie in his 600 did us proud with a podium 2nd place, Richard was just off the podium in the 300s with a 4th ( but did get a credible mention in the reports regarding the use of his athletic frame to do well on the big wind days), Ross and Ollie in the 400 were well up the fleet and competitive in the Gold fleet. The rest of us battled it out for more average positions in fleets of established national championship level sailors, and had serious fun doing it. – James Logan



RS600 Nationals

Champagne sailing conditions greeted the 4 RS 600 Notts County Sailors who travelled to Weymouth for the RS 600 Nationals part of the RS Games. Winds of 25 knots on the first day made for a thrilling ride with thrills and spills a plenty. Day 2 was abandoned due to too much wind but the champagne sailing conditions returned for the final day with 15-20 knots. Jamie Mawson was consistent throughout and with everything to play for in the final race he managed to beat the competition to finish 2nd overall a great achievement in such a strong fleet. Alex Piggott finished 9th, Simon Hibbert 11th and Matt Potter won 1st bronze fleet and 20th overall after a few setbacks.

Notts County won the best club trophy and have some silverware to bring back.

Scorpion Nationals 2018 at Tenby by Nicola Willars

If the 7 hour drive didn’t put off the five Notts County Scorpions, then the swarms of jelly fish had no chance. Tenby greeted us with beautiful sunshine, and very little breeze, for the first day of the Nationals. So we drifted the practice race and then sailed to shore for sun bathing and swimming. There were 42 boats entered and the fleet so;ed around 125 miles over the nationals.

Squeezing 3 back to back races into day two certainly tested our fettle, as the wind built and we were treated to some fantastic racing.

Only one Notts boat entered the Crews Race and The Willars twins finished a credible 5th and bagged The Pecker for some impromptu Lobster Potting during their sail to shore!!!
Despite some wild wind shifts and promise of sub 5mph forecast on some days, the Race Team fitted a full ten races into the championships.

The evenings entertainment ranged from Team Quiz (we won’t mention where we finished in that), Fancy Dress (confectionery theme so we went Milky Bar Kid!), Livd Band and Disco.
Tenby sailing club made us feel very welcome and the scorpion fleet were extremely helpful in giving advice and help with the various rigging failures that three of our club sailors suffered.
Overall Winners were Alan and Simon from Staunton. Simon fresh from the Scorpion Extravaganza and a Sunday tuning session at Notts with Dave Snutch – were these things linked to his win we ask ourselves?!!?

Our travellers did well too: highest placed Notts boat was Nigel Potter’s Paintcraft Boat’s Barbarian’s For Breakfast finishing 17th with a rookie crew; Chloe and Jake first Juniors; John Tailby and rookie crew George won tenacity and highest first nationals boat; Jon and Nicola were Bronze Fleet winners.

Here’s some pictures of our Welsh Adventure courtesy of Alistair Mackay, thanks for permission to use. 

Topper Nationals at Weymouth Sailing academy. August 2018

It is great to see so many representing the club, and probably the best part is a comment from one parent who said not only what great ambassadors the sailors are, but how much they are enjoying their sailing and helping each other – the true meaning of being club of year and something you see in all the best clubs. I believe there is a Haka moment on the slipway – photo Katheryn?

Notts County had 11 sailors at the Topper Nationals, I understand this is the largest contingent from any club – a testament to the hard work by the Youth Squad coaches.The event threw everything at the competitors from a force 10 (no sailing) on the first day, dropping to force 6 or 7 on the second day, and most of our 11 to 15 year old sailors went out where many experienced club sailors would have decided on the bar being best! Then the wind moderated over the rest of the week.

This is  huge event, think hundreds of entries, and some very stiff competition in all age groups, the topper feeds into nearly all the Olympic classes so getting into the 5.3 gold fleet of 113 sailors (for 16 and under) is an achievement and we had three Topper sailors: William Thomas (14) who came 35th, Molly Hinsliff Smith (15) who came 75th and Ben Paling (14) who came 87th. Most still have 2 years to go in this fleet so who knows where they will be next year… and in the Silver fleet Heather Quinn was 27th out of 68 another one to watch.

The 4.2 fleet of 42 Topper sailors was just as impressive if not more so these are the rising stars  Charlie Hopkins (12) – who was on Ben Thomas start racing course about a year ago, which I helped on (in fact looking at it I think all this fleet were on that course) was 9th over all, Raife (or is it Raffy! as the announcer called him) Pigott was first under 11 and 16th overall, Hayden Moore 25th, Sam Grayton 26th, Caitlin Thomas 34, and Edward Quinn 35th, Edward Paling 39th. These are really good results from such a young group of sailors.

Good luck for the rest of the season and in zone and national qualifiers remaining – you are  credit to Notts County Sailing Club. Below are a couple of photos of NCSC Toppers and Topper sailors and parents at Weymouth from Katheryn Hinsliff-Smith & James Hopkinson

Next up I hope is Scorpion Nationals.

Saturday 18th Aug 18

Another busy Saturday at the club, we had Saturday club which in spite of the holidays was well attended and for this weekend included a windsurf taster session, thanks to instructors who came down.

The afternoon racing was well attended, several RS400s practising for their championships next week (or polishing or maintaining their boats)… and the Commodore – Adrian and Viv his wife came out windsurfing on the new beginners kit, and not only got on well but enjoyed it.

A few photos from the day

Sat 28th and Sun 29th July

The heatwave was broken with a roar as the wind gusted force 6 on Saturday 28th July. The windsurfers (including the Rear Commodore) were out in force, in spite of the gusts, and three lasers braved the start, two finishing a fairly extreme race. 

On Sunday to was marginally lighter, with some interesting gusts which swung hard often dumping windsurfers and dinghy sailors in the water (to windward). Some near brooches on the 15s, and quite a few involuntary swims, but lots of smiles – especially Chloe!

Photos from Sat & Sun below with Wind stats from Sat and Sun last.

HANSA Fuddle

Anne organised a fuddle to thank all those who helped out at the HANSA Nationals a couple of weeks ago. Around 30 came, bearing food and drink, and Pauline made some sausage rolls in honour of Normans birthday a few weeks ago.

Hillary’s lemon drizzle was applauded by all who tried it. Thanks to all who helped.