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Barts Bash 2017

What a great day – sun, wind, rain and many sailors racing for the first time. We had 31 dinghies on the water and three wind surfers. Sailing experience ranged from expert to complete novice but everyone played nicely in what was a fantastic atmosphere. We had three starts, windsurfers, experienced and novice/junior with a range of single-handed and double-handed boats. The racing was ably ran once again by John and Karen Marshall assisted by Eloise and Fran, two of our new young members

The sunshine and light winds saw a simple course and winds were 8-10mph from the north east giving a long beat.

Whilst Jamie Mawson led on the water with some impeccable sailing in his RS600 it was Stephanie & Mathew Gunn who won in a Mirror with Jamie in second place and Alan Beaton in an RS Aero 7 third. Hayden Moore was first junior in a Topper. Barrie Collins was first sailboard followed by Duncan Monaghan and Charlotte Taylor.

The second race, an individual handicap pursuit with some frantic calculations over lunch to determine appropriate offsets – Adrian Jones did his best but any anomalies are his. The race started in an almost flat calm, making it difficult to get to the line, but as the storm clouds gathered and the wind came through, giving  a few spills and  some exciting racing. The sailboarders finished in the same order but amongst the Dinghies, Paul Spiers won in an RS Aero 7, followed by Alan Beaton in another RS Aero 7 and our oldest competitor Brian Fisher in a Solo third. Hayden Moore was again 1st Junior in a Topper finishing in 19th place overall, with Cillian Dyne in an Optimist close on his heels.

Overall a fantastic event conducted with a smile throughout.

Below are quite a few (100) photos, hopefully most participants are featured, the results for the morning and afternoon race are below the photos.

Bart’s Bash 2017 Results


1st Barrie Collins
2nd Duncan Monaghan
3rd Charlotte Taylor
4th Mollie Spreckley


Barts Bash 2017 – Morning race


Rank Boat Sail Number Helm Crew
1st Mirror 70702 Stephanie Gunn Matthew Gunn
2nd Flying Fifteen 3936 Jeremy Arnold John Allen
3rd RS Aero 7 2186 Alan Beaton  
4th RS 200 935 Simon Yates Shellee Bullous
5th Solo 4882 Brian Fisher  
6th RS 200 1075 Alex Piggott Raefe Piggott
7th RS 400 1325 James Logan Philippa Logan
8th Scorpion 2007 Jeff Peters Rachel Porter
9th RS 600 610 Jamie Mawson  
10th Icon 15 Martin Payne Caroline Wilkins
11th RS400 1121 Mark Ehlers Asher Ehlers
12th Laser Fun   Tony Monaghan Linus Monaghan
13th RS 400 868 Paul Reynolds Cathy Reynolds
14th RS Aero 7 2421 Paul Spiers  
15th Wanderer 1143 Shella Hood David Hood
16th RS 400 950 Alan Elkington Goiz Aspe-Buerist
17th Supernova 424 Phil Dyne  
18th Streaker 1717 Charlie Soubry  
19th RS 400 670 Tim Harrison Tor Harrison
20th Topper   Hayden Moore  
21st Scorpion 1975 Nick Orgles Sue Orgles
22nd Laser Radial 17788 Becky Thompson  
23rd Fireball 14266 Bob Tuckwood Debbie Tuckwood
24th Optimist 6061 Cillian Dyne  
25th Buzz 795 Neville Harbour James Harbour
26th Topper Byte 230 Caroline Stafford  
27th Wayfarer 10447 Andy Board Ginny Board
28th Laser Fun 88 Scott Bower Mitchell Bower
29th Topper   Lucia Migliore  
30th RS200 604 Neil Chadbourne Alec Chadbourne
31st Wayfarer 6432 Marco Migliore Karen and Alex Migliore




Individual pursuit – afternoon race

Rank Boat Sail Number Helm Crew
1st RS Aero 7 2421 Paul Spiers  
2nd RS Aero 7 2186 Alan Beaton  
3rd Solo 4882 Brian Fisher  
4th Supernova 424 Phil Dyne  
5th RS 600 610 Jamie Mawson  
6th Flying Fifteen 3936 Jeremy Arnold John Allen
7th Scorpion 2007 Jeff Peters Rachel Porter
8th RS 200 935 Simon Yates Shellee Bullous
9th Streaker 1717 Charlie Soubry  
10th RS 400 670 Tim Harrison Tor Harrison
11th RS 400 950 Alan Elkington Goiz Aspe-Buerist
12th RS 400 868 Paul Reynolds Cathy Reynolds
13th Icon 15 Martin Payne Caroline Wilkins
14th RS 200 1075 Alex Piggott Raefe Piggott
15th Laser Fun   Tony Monaghan Linus Monaghan
16th Fireball 14266 Bob Tuckwood Debbie Tuckwood
17th Topper Byte 230 Caroline Stafford  
18th Wayfarer 6432 Marco Migliore Karen and Alex Migliore
19th Topper   Hayden Moore  
20th Optimist 6061 Cillian Dyne  
21st Topper   Lucia Migliore  
22nd Wayfarer 10447 Andy Board Ginny Board
23rd Scorpion 1975 Nick Orgles Sue Orgles

Quiz night

A turnout of the core quiz participants saw an enjoyable night with teams split into 3s or 4s, quiz questions by Tasmin Jones, with Adrian acting as quizmaster as John couldn’t make it.

The prize went to Sliverins (Simon, Shelby & Marco) who played the blinder on the music question by realising they were all connected by James Bond tunes. Thanks to Viv for organising food.

The quiz night and cakes on Sunday raised £339.52, thanks to Karen, Adrian, Viv and helpers. This will go towards the acoustics on the training room, making it an even more pleasant experience.

A few photos.

Family 6 hour race

The annual Bank Holiday relay race saw almost 40 sailors in 5 boats (2 club Topazes, a Scorpion, a GP14 and an Optimist) sail for over 6 hours. Debra Pennington kept a watchful eye on all the competitors in a race that took place in glorious Bank Holiday sunshine with a fair breeze to match. 

The start horn went at 10.30am, the traditional Le Mans start went off without the usual slips and spills but the sailors made up for that with a number of capsizes ably lead by Martin Miller Senior Instructor in a Topaz and the Vice Commodore Adrian Jones managing to sink Cillian’s prized Optimist. At least we now know what trim is about and that the flotation works! Even the winning team the Skillful Scorpions were not spared a capsize or two, but notable the Terrific Topazes stayed upright throughout. The course was a simple short rectangular course near the club house, and the wind went from a light to moderate breeze over the day.

The rules of the competition meant that helming had to be shared between a man, a woman and a junior, with our youngest helm only 7 years of age and the oldest half a century more than that. The teams had to change helms at least 9 times and several sailors managed to sail for more than one team as well as cook and eat a BBQ lunch.

The results were: –

1st Skillful Scorpions        Scorpion
2nd Team GP                          GP14
3rd The Submariners        Topaz
4th The Terrific Topaz       Topaz
5th The Crazy Racer           Optimist

The winning team the Skillful Scorpions narrowly beat the current holders to the Crouch Trophy in a great example of the club at its family friendly best.

There were many others down spectating or just enjoying a pleasant sail or the sunshine.

Junior Course mid August 2017

Another great week with over 20 children learning or improving their sailing, lots of Stage 1 to 3 certificates finding their way into youngsters hands. 

Thanks to Sarah Read for organisation, Paulene for food, John Ridell as SI and all the instructors and Asst instructors, safety boat crew and others who gave up their time. It was great to see two of our recently qualified youth instructors taking their own groups, and two would be young Asst instructors helping out. Hope to see all of you on the water for the rest of the season.

August Junior Course 17

The first August Junior course of two took place this week (31 July to 4th Aug) at the Club, 22 youngsters were split into Starting on Oppies and Toppers, and Start Racing. As was usual some moved up a group as they progressed so well.

Ben Thomas the SI thanked all the volunteer instructors including pretty much all of the Meek family (who thought they were having a quiet week sailing!) and safety boat drivers, in particular Ian Ward who arrived early (beating Paulene on some occasions) to get the boats out and ready, Paulene for food, and Sarah Read for all her work behind the scenes.

In spite of some very challenging conditions and a number of capsizes, can anyone beat Poppy’s 11 dry capsizes in a day? Everyone enjoyed it and want to come back for more, all the youngsters achieved RYA Stage 2 including Arthur in the Access dinghy and many got 3 or part of Stage 3, and the Start racing all got Start Racing certificates.

The final day saw three races, which many took part in in spite of the regular 20 knot gusts, won by Robert, with Catlin second.

Below are some photos taken during the week.

Notts County at RS Eurocup

Notts County Sailing Club Como Eurocup Report.

What started off as a “do you fancy going to the Eurocup?” back in December 2016 soon rolled into a full, well quarter of the fleet, Notts County on tour outing.

Flights for the ladies, Philippa & Cath, accommodation for four booked in early January we eagerly awaited the date. Later on during the year word got round the fleet of the trip and more crews showed their interest eventually ending with 5 boats in total. Moira & Martin Hart, Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith & Ken Twemlow, John Hobson & Matt Reynolds. In total we had made up a quarter of the RS400 fleet for the event.

Come the Thursday before the event crews and boats started to make their way to Italy, John, Lisa & Matt leaving first with a trailer carrying 6 boats were first to set off, Paul & James followed on the Friday with a double stacker kindly loaned from Martin Gunn, Ken was already in Italy with Sue on holiday so had taken his and Martin’s boats on a double stacker the week before. The ladies including Cath, Kathryn and Philippa leaving by airplane on Saturday and Martin & Moira also travelling by air from a different airport. A fairly uneventful trip was had by James and Paul, opting for the tunnel followed by a cruise down France through the Mont Blanc tunnel eventually arriving at Gravedona on Saturday lunchtime. John, Matt & Lisa having a more eventful and stressful journey had arrived the day before, Ken and Sue arriving from their holiday in Champoluc were also on site and raring to go. Cath, Philippa, Kathryn, Martin & Moira also arrived, the ladies courtesy of an airport pick up by Ken and Sue and Martin & Moira via train and bus. The scene was set for a great weeks sailing.

Sunday arrived boats were rigged, briefing given by the Gravedona race team and a practice race arranged for the RS400 fleet for 2:30 in the afternoon. The previous night we had discussed what the sailing was like with an RS100 sailor who had been there a couple of days, “great, windy but not too windy”, excellent we thought. Sundays practice race went well, the whole fleet went out had a nice race and came back to shore, unfortunately the launch ramp was very slippery and one of the crew slipped and broke her wrist, they had won the practice race, often thought of as being bad luck, clearly coming to fruition on this occasion. Sunday evening saw the opening ceremony, attended by the Gravedona Mayor, flags of all competing nations raised (most the right way up!)a brief playing of the National anthems and speeches, all very civilised. Followed by a barbecue, or to quote the club president “let us now go and eat some meat”. Polenta anyone????

Monday: Monday was the first day of official racing, but Sunday night had seen a terrific thunderstorm, which for those camping in the “jungle” had resulted in great trauma and a distinct lack of sleep. Stories of vast floods, pestilence, trees crashing down, babies crying, people screaming etc. were regaled as we waited for the racing to start, it must have been bad we managed to hear it through our double glazing. Racing basically didn’t happen on Monday, the wind was set from the North blowing around 20Knots and gusting upwards, the AP flag was raised and nothing much happened apart from much boat bumbling. A pair of RS500’s went as crash test dummies to test conditions, only one returned, racing was abandoned for the day. Those of us in apartments took pity on Kathryn and Matt, and gave them a dry quiet bed to assure a good nights sleep.

Tuesday: Tuesday promised a better day, we set off for a drift up the lake following the committee boat, Cath and Paul breaking their spinnaker halyard on the first spinnaker launch on the way up the lake and so missing the first race by returning to shore changing it and still managing to sail back to start the second race, shows how long the fleet waited for wind. However the wind did arrive and set in from a Northerly direction, 3 races having been run, the results came out. Matt & John leading the NCSC fleet with 6th, 7th & 8th, followed by James & Philippa, Ken & Kathryn, Martin & Moira then Paul & Cath, who had missed the first race. After a beer at the bar all retired to their respective abodes for an early night ready for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Wednesday started with a brunch at Moira & Martin’s followed by a day hanging around the dinghy park, no wind all day, however, we did get to play some games organised by Kathryn for the whole of the RS fleets, won by an English team. A fuddle followed at the Logan/Reynolds apartment and a very enjoyable evening was had by all, with no sore heads in the morning honest.

Thursday: Thursday started in typical Gravedona fashion, we had complained/suggested to the organisers the previous evening that as there seems to be plenty of wind in the morning, why don’t we start early? Say 9am? Get 3 races done and then we can do something in the afternoon? They listened and delivered, we would start at 12:00 rather than 13:00. Which effectively meant they could raise the AP flag earlier. Again another wait followed by a drift to the start, followed by a wait for breeze, which did come but only just enough to run 2 races, followed by a drift back that resulted in the majority of the fleet being towed back. Results had not really changed from the Tuesday apart from Paul & Cath moved above Martin & Moira. Thursday night was the Dutch party night and a barbecue, but we all decided that we would have our own barbecue hosted by Ken & Sue on the beach at the “jungle” campsite, we all wore orange, in honour of the Dutch, another great night had by all, Ken’s sausage was a beaut!!!

Friday: Friday was the last day of racing with an early start (12:00), but what’s this, no AP flag, the delta flag is up, better get a wiggle on. Obviously the race committee knew more than we did? A gentle sail to the race area ensued, we floated and waited for about an hour, and then a breeze line appeared from the South and moved down the lake to where we were waiting, we’re on!!! The wind picked up to a steady force 4 gusting 5 direction hardly shifted all afternoon, perfect. 3 races run back to back, a lot of smiling faces, if only it had been like that all week? Apparently “it normally is, steady from the South”, something to do with it being cloudy in Milan and hot in the mountains or was it the other way round? Who cares. Friday was great. Results stayed the same John Matt first NCSC boat were 9th Ken & Kathryn 10th James and Philippa 12th Paul & Cath 15th Martin & Moira 17th. Beer and derigging followed, packing boats loading trailers etc. and the prize giving for the RS100, RS200, RS400 Eurocups and the RS500 World Champions announced. As we were all leaving on Saturday morning we all went off to different restaurants for dinner, and an early night. Kathryn having to be on a plane at 6am to get to London for the big ride London bike ride was last seen disappearing with an Italian professional sailor who had kindly offered her a lift- “What happens on tour stays on tour” Kathryn’s mantra for the week!

Saturday, saw all sailors and crews heading off home via a variety of means, Cath & Philippa even taking public transport successfully. All arrived back safe and the majority of the boats were back at NCSC for Sunday.

On reflection, was it a fabulous trip? Yes without doubt, excellent sailing when the wind came in, excellent venue, beautiful scenery and a great bunch of people to be round for a full week. Would we do it again? Yes I think all would go again without a hesitation. Weymouth is the venue next year, so not so far to travel, almost guaranteed wind and another great venue. We will all hopefully be there, who else will be coming? Moira is already looking for a large house for us all to stay in!!!

Links below to results and photographs

Report Paul Reynolds, along with photos below (don’t see much sailing!!!)

Wind on Aug 3rd 2017

Had quite  windy day at the club on 3rd August, the junior course had largely to look to alternatives, such as the cobble, meanwhile quite  a few windsurfers made good use of the conditions.

Link to video


Chernobyl visits 2017

The first Chernobyl visit took place on 25th July 2017 starting at midday and finishing at 4pm, with the Nottingham link. The wind was light, and it was a bit dull, but 13 enthusiastic children god on the wattle in Oppies, the Cobble and Commodore. The visits are organised by Sailability co-ordinator Anne Clark, and John Chambers was in charge of the on water activity, with another 11 helpers, thanks to all. The afternoon saw some sunshine and a virtually calm lake, so there was more paddling than sailing, but smiles all round.

The second visit from the Newark link saw similar numbers out in the light winds and sunshine, with both cobbles and the Oppies pressed into use. Thanks to all the helpers, including Ian Firth as beechmaster/Safety.

A few photos from both visits

Junior Open 2017

There were 27 entries with juniors aged from 7 to 16. About half a dozen where entering an Open for the first time, some even doing their first racing after joining in on Saturday Club, our kids club. A good range of dinghies including Scorpion , Solo, Toppers and Optimists took part in the five handicap races. There were three back to back in the morning, with two afternoon races in conjunction with Saturday club racing, under the watchful eye of Kevin Nicoles and Tim Cripps in the committee boat.

The First race took place in light winds and sunshine won by Jake Willars in a Solo both on water and handicap. Ben Paling was second in a Topper.

The second race Jake won again with William Thomas second. Third race saw Will Thomas win, with Jake second (his discard). There was a cluster of Toppers with some very close racing, including Ben & William, but also Sophie Lanyon, Heather Quinn and Adam Foster.

A pause for lunch then afterwards it was mixing with Saturday racing and Jake took first again with William second, nine year old Hayden Moore helming a Scorpion with Chloe Willars posted a credible third, the first time he had helmed a Scorpion.

The fifth race saw conditions becoming calm, delaying the start, it turned out to be the calm before the storm as later in the race the wind came through causing half the fleet to capsize and retire. William won the race to win the under 13 prize and second overall, Jake had meanwhile won overall but posted a second in the race. Third over all and second under 13 was Ben Pailing.

Ameila Mack received recived a spot prize for doing her turns immediately with a smile on her face. Cillian Dyne at 7 was the youngest competitor in his Optmist a face to follow in the future as he finished half way up the fleet.

yachts and yachting report


Some photos

Willow Farm at Notts County

Over the last six weeks  dedicated selection of volunteers led by Julie Hall & Martin Payne have been teaching year 6s to sail.(11 year olds). I am going to leave it to the head and children for a few quotes, at the bottom of the photos are the thank you cards to the instructors.

“To try a new skill like sailing, that none of the children had done before means they all start at the same level and you see character traits coming through, the children’s resilience. Sometimes in a classroom situation children are quiet but when you put them on the water they can absolutely excel and also vice versa the children you presume before you do it are going to be those children who will take to it naturally don’t. The traits of confidence, teamwork the traits we instil at our school it’s lovely to see them put all of that into practise. 
The Quiet children who don’t excel in team sports, like one particular chap who doesn’t speak much hasn’t been part of the football team or any of those things, yet put him in a boat he has been sailing round on his own and really taking to it.”
Some of the children’s comments:
My Favourite part was me capsizing. “oops!” 
I will never forget it.
I will definitely use my knowledge that you have given me and I will carry on sailing.
I am sad these six weeks have gone so fast.
My favourite part was when the storm came and we nearly capsized.
My favourite part was rigging the boats.
Thank you for the best 6 weeks experience EVER!
On the first week of sailing I knew nothing but now I feel like a Pro (I know i’m not but I feel much more confident sailing on my own)
My favourite part was doing Simon says with Balance.
I loved the week when it was really windy we got some epic speed, thanks for everything.
Thanks to all who helped on shore, in the boats and instructors. We have invited the class down to Saturday club over the next three weeks in the hope it will become a life long sport.