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Willow Farm at Notts County

Over the last six weeks  dedicated selection of volunteers led by Julie Hall & Martin Payne have been teaching year 6s to sail.(11 year olds). I am going to leave it to the head and children for a few quotes, at the bottom of the photos are the thank you cards to the instructors.

“To try a new skill like sailing, that none of the children had done before means they all start at the same level and you see character traits coming through, the children’s resilience. Sometimes in a classroom situation children are quiet but when you put them on the water they can absolutely excel and also vice versa the children you presume before you do it are going to be those children who will take to it naturally don’t. The traits of confidence, teamwork the traits we instil at our school it’s lovely to see them put all of that into practise. 
The Quiet children who don’t excel in team sports, like one particular chap who doesn’t speak much hasn’t been part of the football team or any of those things, yet put him in a boat he has been sailing round on his own and really taking to it.”
Some of the children’s comments:
My Favourite part was me capsizing. “oops!” 
I will never forget it.
I will definitely use my knowledge that you have given me and I will carry on sailing.
I am sad these six weeks have gone so fast.
My favourite part was when the storm came and we nearly capsized.
My favourite part was rigging the boats.
Thank you for the best 6 weeks experience EVER!
On the first week of sailing I knew nothing but now I feel like a Pro (I know i’m not but I feel much more confident sailing on my own)
My favourite part was doing Simon says with Balance.
I loved the week when it was really windy we got some epic speed, thanks for everything.
Thanks to all who helped on shore, in the boats and instructors. We have invited the class down to Saturday club over the next three weeks in the hope it will become a life long sport.

Saturday Club July 17

Saturday club has been well attended these last few weeks with 47 turning up today (8th July) a fairly average number I believe. Conditions were excellent, warm, light winds, but they did swing around a lot.

Here are a few photos, along with three of Charles finishing off an adult course.

Sat 8th July Racing

“Notice of change to published sailing activity on Saturday 8th July 2017”

Unfortunately we have discovered at late notice that Girton and Hykenham sailing clubs do not intend to take part in this years 3 club challenge, therefore, with regret this event is now CANCELLED.

In order not to waste the opportunity of using our lake and the fully engaged duty crews who have already signed up to provide cover we will instead hold the Saturday Stanier Series as normal starting at 2.15.

We will attempt to notify duty staff individually that are not required until the afternoon but if you are reading this and you were on duty for the 3CC, you’re still on duty but we don’t need you until the afternoon!

Dave Snutch

Sailing Sec 3/7/17

Laser Open 2017

The first Sunday in July saw the laser open at Notts County Sailing Club with forty entries, from all over the Midlands. Thanks to Rooster, Holt, Allen and Morton boats for sponsorship in the form of prizes.

Whilst there was sunshine and warmth the wind was a little more fickle, flicking round over at least 45′ meaning beats could change half way through to a tight fetch, the race officer just had to average out the beats, it worked on most races. At times the wind was near planing conditions.

The first race started saw Joe Scurrah from Carsington SC lead from the windward mark, extending his lead throughout the race. John Ling was second and Mark Williams third. A break for lunch, then the second race saw Paul Williamson win, with John Ling from Bartley second, and Joe Scurrah third.

As usual at a laser event the racing at the top was close and quite a few sailors had the potential to win, it was all on the last race, which was won by Grahame Newton from Staunton Harold, Joe Scuuah showed his consistency by coming second, giving him the overall win by a point, John Ling was third giving him second overall, and first Master and Grahame’s win pulled him to third position. First Grand Master was forth place Paul Williamson. The first youth was George Coles from Carsington. 

Outside the main prizes Notts County had a little more success 1st Grand master Nigel Lindley, first Junior Molly Hinsliff-Smith, 1st Master Richard Mason (5th o/a) 

In the Radial class 1st was Rebecca Ogden with Charlie Turnbull, the Midland Topper campion second, and William Thomas third, with Chloe Willars first youth lady.

Full results – photo below.

Honda Rib Challenge Club finals 17

Eighteen youngsters took part in the training for the Honda Rib Challenge, organised by the RYA in regional heats and finals at Southampton. The course demands skill and precision along with speed, as its timed. First the youngsters drive through slalom course which requires high speed skills of steering and judgment, then hey need to come to a stop by  a mark with a lifebelt and pick the lifebelt up and drop it back on the post, the next test is reversing cleanly round a buoy and off to the finish. See RYA page for details

Neil Unwin has led the team of Powerboat instructors who have spent the last 10 weeks training the youngsters for the club finals which took place on Monday 26th June.

Whilst we have had several club members reach the national finals, we have never won, but it is an excellent way to teach youngsters about powerboat control, and I believe one or two of the early Junior club contestants are now powerboat instructors.

Twelve competitors arrived to challenge the clock, results are below so Edward & Jacob go on to represent us at the Regional finals this Saturday at Staunton Harold.

13 – 16   Edward Williamson 1:40:10
8 – 12   Jacob Gent 1:33:76
    Ben Paling   1:35:01
    Robert Stevenson 1:40:23
    Guy Pears   2:17:37
    Pip Williamson 2:04:34
    Harry Williamson 2:07:40
    Max Williamson 2:08:28
    Hattie Maxwell 2:14:54
    Charles Miles-Hayler 2:21:80
    Georgia Riddell 2:41:80
    Ed Paling   3:00:89

Topper Midland Championships 2017

Warm,sunny, breezy conditions greeted the 35 Topper sailors competing at the ITCA Midlands Topper Championships, held at Notts County Sailing Club on 24th and 25th June, sponsored by Morton BoatsPinnell and Bax, and Dinghy Ropes.


There was a wide range of ability levels represented, from 9year olds having a go on reefed 4.2 rigsto those who are at the very highest level of Topper sailing and who are regularly in the top 30 at national events. These young sailors are part of ‘The Friendly Class’ and they did themselves, their clubs and their class, proud at this event.

There were four races on the first day (one start being a general recall)two on the second, and there was some great spectator sport. As always this season, those at the top of the fleet battled against one another and took it in turns to deliver some close results, with eight sailors achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd places over the two days, a testament to the talent that there is in both the class and the region.

There were some unexpected spills on Sunday, in the gusty, shifty conditions, catching even the most experienced racers unaware, but after all six races were completedthe top honours went to Charlie Turnbull, RYA (and recently returned from Bermuda, where he represented Great Britain at the O’pen BIC Un-Regatta,  part of the 2017 Americas Cup), 2nd was Greg Cornes (Aldridge SC) 3rd and first girl was Gemma McDonnell, (Hollowell SC). First U13 and 6th overall was Will Thomas (Notts County Sailing Club), 2nd U13 was Ben Paling (Notts County Sailing Club) and 3rd U13 Hector Mellor (Carsington SC). There were also a number of other prizes awarded to recognise the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 4.2 sailors, and for those who demonstrated Endeavour and Resilience (those all important life skills).

Thanks must go to the race committee, safety crews and event organisers, who provided thoroughly enjoyable two days with a typical Notts County welcome and a great example of the inclusive and supportive environment that Topper sailing seeks to encourage.

Below are some photos Topper Midlands Champs 2017 results – Yachts & Yachting report

Windsurf open 17

The sun shone and there was a light breeze with an occasional gust, and shining wind. Race Officer John Parr set a course with two beats, and lots of port bias. We had a number of Midland visitors, all well known to us and a good Notts County contingent entered.

The racing saw Guy Sprekley from the club win every race, but not without tussles with second place Tim Colles from Bartley. Third was Tom Naylor in the 9.5. The 7.5 fleet saw Russ towns win with three firsts and Ollie Beadnall second, with Steve Payne third.

Last year 4 juniors learnt to windsurf under Julie Halls watchful eye, and they entered their first race at the Open, sailing a simplified triangle on the main course, all completing the course, which is a great achievement after only a few months of windsurfing. Duncan Monaghan won this race with Charlotte Taylor second and Molly Sprekley third, Linus Monaghan finishing forth. We then moved the course nearer the clubhouse and Molly Sprekley started from the back and came all the way through to win the second race, and Duncan Monaghan won the third.

The day finished with the odd beer / larger and a lovely Pauline roast with 12 youngsters and nearly 40 adults enjoying the evening sunshine on the balcony, along with a birthday cake for Guy Sprekley with only three candles! His birthday is next Tuesday.


Saturday Club – June 17

It was great to see the top end of the lake covered in Oppies, Toppers and Fevas at a busy Saturday Club the last few weekends, with over 58 on 17th June (and three new members) a few photos below from the last two weeks.

Summer Laser Coaching

Further Laser coaching dates have been set up by your NCSC fleet. If you are looking to improve both your Laser sailing technique and racing skills these sessions are for you.

We gear these sessions to your ability and so long as you are able to sail a Laser efficiently around a triangular course you will benefit from attending. There are currently 8 places left on each session so get yourself signed up now by emailing Tim Cripps

All sessions start 9am and finish 2pm

Saturday 1st July         Boat control – Starting – The first beat

Saturday 15th July      Boat control – Mark rounding – Off wind sailing

Saturday 5th August   Boat control – Tactics

laser further coaching poster