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The club is keen to promote all types of dinghies, but prides itself on having some excellent class racing. This is one of the core strengths of the club, and whilst there is plenty of banter about which is better, everyone respects other classes. The Scorpion fleet is one of the largest in the world, and has some excellent close racing throughout the fleet. The RS 400 is a more lively boat, and again has close exciting racing. Lasers like many clubs are one of the larger fleets. The club is also fairly unique in having an active windsurfing racing fleet, racing with the dinghies, the Raceboard has a 9.5 section and 7.5 for the older (i.e. up to 80) participants.

For those with other boats there is the Handicap or Menagerie fleet.

Details on racing

Open Meeting Dates 

List of trophy winners

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