Covid 19 information

Welcome Back 

Thank you for your support as the club has started to move to its Phased release from the Covid-19 driven lockdown. We are keen to take careful small steps to allow use of the water and, as made clear from the numerous messages we have received, so are you. To that end we have been busy this week reviewing the guidance provided and developing the policy to allow casual sailing on the lake, whilst minimising the risk of transmission of the virus.

As of now, and in accordance with the published On-Site Policy and the club rules, link to documents (log in to see page) club members may come to exercise and sail at their own risk. Please bear in mind the following key points:

  1. If in doubt, don’t go out
  2. There is no safety cover provision. Access to a boat is available in an emergency, and any use of this must be reported to the Club’s Executive. Instructions are available in the member’s section of SCM link to documents (log in to see page) and in a new emergency keybox situated under the clubhouse near the North stairs . 
  3. The Clubhouse is closed, except for use of disabled toilet (instructions for use in toilet)
  4. You must bring your own sanitiser to use before and after touching the key pad, for everyone (including your own) safety.
  5. You must maintain social distancing (2m) between anyone not in your household, and please continue to follow Government instructions about meeting up.

This Friday & Saturday in particular look very windy, and it is not anticipated that recreational sailing is likely. The following week looks much better; warm, sunny and light winds, so why not space out visits? You can see from the camera and new weather station what is happening.

Please Be Considerate and Be Conservative about use of the water and enjoy sailing your own boats safely.

Before coming down please check you have your gate keys with you, and that you know the barrier code (emailed around March) if you can’t locate your code please email and we will send it. The Visitor code is inoperative (no visitors) and you must not give the code out even if you think they are members

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