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NCSC Covid-19 Update – 27 July 20

The club is continuing to move through the phased release from the full lockdown earlier in the year.  As you will know the Covid19 outbreak is not easy to manage on a national scale and we, along with all sailing clubs and recreational establishments, are trying to maintain the balance between returning to normality and protecting our more vulnerable members as well as the health and care service providers.  Very positively the return to racing trial implemented through our Covid19 Subgroup has been very successful and we are looking to continue this through the summer and hope to create an autumn series.   racing info here
In parallel, the youth training sessions have been steadily progressing and keeping our junior sailors up to the mark for when national based competitions can restart. Casual sailing has taken on a whole new dimension this summer, with more sailors than ever realising that there doesn’t need to be a start gate and a set of marks to go round to enjoy some quality time on the water, as well as some going back to their old sailboards to revisit the joy of just getting onto the water. 
Pauline, Colin and Keith have made a welcome return and, while it’s certainly not business as usual, they appreciate the custom they have been getting – so please remember they are there and make safe use of the offering. galley info here
Those going down to the club will have noticed the resurgence of the Open Water swimmers.  You can join in with them at a discounted rate – but it is a limited offering in terms of numbers per session so please make sure you book in in advance to get a timed slot. NOWS  
The organised activity, racing and coaching, requires us to provide safety cover, which means volunteers for safety boats – if you feel you can help and haven’t already put your name forward, please do so – it is important. Use or to anyone in the Exec and Covid19 teams.  
It’s been great to see the many smiling faces down at the club, and  I look forward to seeing many more of you as the summer progresses.
Cheers, James
Links to information:
  • Casual sailing continues with trial racing on Sundays – racing info here
  • Link to RYA Q & A advice (15/7/20) please note this is regularly updated full rya guidance
  • RYA Advice on sailing & racing from different households (29/7/20) 
  • The galley opens on 18th July, information and links to protocol galley info here
  • We have started to provide safety cover on Saturdays (1100 to 1500) and Sundays 1030 to 1500, with wind limits in force (16 mph average, gusts no more than 23 mph – both taken from the previous hour). Check for the club flag flying to indicate safety cover being in place.   Safety boats will be normally moored, in response mode, unless providing approved coaching, and not patrolling so please be extra cautious. An emergency boat is available at all times, use must be reported to Exec.  RYA Safety boat (single handed) video – discussion on safety cover.
  • As we can only rescue at a distance we strongly recommend some form of masthead float, all those racing are required to have a float.
  • Coaching, with a maximum ‘gathering’ of 6 per group (including coach), is taking place.  If you want to know more please just contact us through the club.
  • The disabled toilet is available for emergency use, please clean up as instructed on the sheet in the toilet.
  • The latest information along with instructions are on our Covid documents page, you will need to login (to SCM) to see the page, there are the simplified instructions and more detailed documents on there. Please take time to read these.
  • As a reminder please remember all craft (including non sailing) must have valid insurance for the user, there is a permit form you need to fill in for non sailing craft
  • You must bring your own sanitiser to use before and after touching the key pad or any other club property, for everyone (including your own) safety.
  • You must maintain social distancing (2m) between anyone not in your household, and please continue to follow Government instructions about meeting up.
  • No visitors – paid up club members only
  • No BBQ (we don’t want a fire) or camping permitted.
  • Please close the top gate behind you, and of course lock it if you are last out.
  • No swimming except as organised by NOWS  you will need to book a slot, club members have reduced fees.
                                                 If in doubt don’t go out.
You can see from the camera and new weather station what is happening. If its busy perhaps come down later or another day.

Before coming down please check you have your gate keys with you, and that you know the barrier code.

The word Activity Assessment form Word can be found here (sign in to SCM)  a pdf is here Covid-19 Activity Assessment Form v1 This is the form if you are planning an activity requiring safety boats at the club to ensure there is water space and boats available please fill in and send well in advance.

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