Flying Fifteen Fleet

Welcome to the Flying Fifteen fleet of Notts County Sailing Club. The Flying Fifteen is a 6m (20 foot) long planning two person hiking keelboat dinghy with symmetrical spinnaker and is one of the most attractive, and challenging self righting dinghies you will find. The perfect racing dinghy if you are not keen on open water lake swimming! It is sailed at the highest level by crews with a wide range of size and strength and is an easy boat to sail, but still a challenge to beat the best!

We have our own corner of the boat park adjacent to a concrete slipway with fixed mooring pontoon and a tractor for launch recovery.

Designed in 1947 by Uffa Fox, the Flying Fifteen is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It has been developed over the years with now three sub classes of Classic, Silver and Open determined by age and sail number:

Classic:          PY1041 – sail numbers up to 2700
Silver:             PY1026 – sail numbers 2700 to 3200 (with a few exceptions)
Open:             PY1015 – sail numbers above 3200

Flying 15s enjoy close racing

With the age of the boats ranging from Classics, Silvers and Open boats at NCSC there is always competitive sailing to be had. There is a strong second hand market for Flying Fifteens in the UK, and boats can stay competitive for many years, indeed the first race of the 2017 World Championships was won by a 28 year old boat!

Flying Fifteens compete in the fast fleet for the spring Black and White and winter Frostbite series and have their own fleet start for the main Summer Series. We are also re-establishing the Flying Fifteen Open for 2017 to be held on the weekend of 7th/8th October, the final weekend of the Northern Travellers series. Whatever your age or previous sailing experience you will be welcomed into the Flying Fifteens at Notts County.

Angus Wright – Fleet Captain

Flying 15s racing

Flying 15s racing

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