Laser class

Some of lasers starting at the open

The Laser has now sold well over 200,000 boats worldwide making it one of the most popular dinghies of all time. It is simple, fun, exciting and relatively cheap. The choice of sail size means you can choose the rig that best suits your size, experience level or the conditions.  Being a strict one design boat the racing is always competitive

The Laser remains an Olympic class boat and has been raced by some of the best helms in the world including Sir Ben Ainsly, who won two of his Olympic medals in a Laser.

With over 100 boats at Notts County, the Laser is the largest fleet in the club and a large turnout on race days is guaranteed. With so many Laser helms around there is a wealth of experience on hand to provide help and advice, you only have to ask!

We try to provide Laser training each year and this year is no exception, with days for novices and more experienced sailors.

There is a club Laser for anyone wanting to give it a go, and a regular newsletter full of information, please contact me for further information on any of the above.

Paul Speirs 

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