Menagerie or Handicap fleet

racing 13 4 14-03943

Flying 15s ready to sail

Our Fleet is made up of classes of boats that do not have a class of their own.

So we all collectively create a Menagerie of boats that race as a General Handicap, using the Portsmouth yard Stick Formula to work out the race Results.

While being the largest Fleet of all the fleets at our club there is always a varied mix of abilities to give excellent competition leading to exciting racing throughout the Fleet. Whether you are a National champion or new to the racing scene.

Some of the classes that make up the Menagerie Fleet are; Fireball, RS 200, Icon, N12, RS 600, Wayfarer, Firefly, RS Aero, D Zero, Streaker, Super Nova, Heron, Topper, Contender, RS 100 and Solution

Lets all look forward to lots of enjoyable Racing at whatever level you are.

Fleet Captain
John Hobson 

spring reg sat 14 -5971

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