RYA Powerboat

Honda Rib Challenge Application Form 2017 
Club Powerboat Application Form 2019 (to use safety boats)
RYA Powerboat application Form 2019 – For RYA Level 2 and Safety Boat Courses

The bosun and deputy who help run the coursesEveryone wanting to do any of the powerboat courses must send in an application form whether it is for the club course or for a RYA course.

Club Powerboat Courses (Drivers) are held in March. These are FREE COURSES for any member who wants to drive a safety boat for a duty or at any time. Participants must be over 16.

RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 A 2 day course covering the driving of planing powerboats. You learn to manoeuvre the craft at low and high speed. It is an essential requirement if you are considering volunteering to drive a safety boat at junior training or one of the Sailability days. Participants must be over 16.

RYA Safetyboat a course that builds on the Level 1 and 2 and introduces the skills to provide safety and rescue cover. Participants must be over 16.

10333722_702334296490807_3354041579622907775_oRYA Honda Rib Challenge A chance for children to get have a go at learning to drive the powerboats. Please look at the RYA website for details and fill in a form to let the organisers know how many will joining in.

If you want to know more email trainingsec@ncsc.org.uk

Powerboat Instructor course dates – please contact training secretary

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