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Sailing Instructions see board by Race Office. Definitions and guidelines for Racing at Nottinghamshire County Sailing Club. Note: Any changes will be on the notice board by the race office, and may also be published on web and Facebook.

Forms, information etc linked below:
Club Sailing Instructions 2017 – 
Open Events Checklist 
Open meeting SI 2017
Race Officer Instructions (Nov 16) –
Race Clerk and Race Results Excel Calculator – Mar 17 
Race instructions, including start / finish for all club racing 
RYA Racing Charter

Series Name Start Date Finish Date Counting races rule(4) Earliest starts
Black & White 5 March 23 April ½ sailed races 1100 & 1315
Thursday Eve 20 April 31 August 1/3 sailed races + 1 1900
Stanier 29 April 21 October 1/3 sailed races + 1 1415
Main 30 April 22 October 1/3 sailed races + 1 1100 & 1315 *
Wadsworth 30 April 22 October 1/3 sailed races + 1 1530
Tuesday Eve 25 April 22 August 1/4 sailed races + 1 1900
Frostbite 29 October 17 December ½ sailed races 1100 **
Oakleaf 29 October 17 December ½ sailed races 1315**


*Postponement of morning class races – the latest time at which a morning class race can be started is 1300hrs after which it will be deemed indefinitely postponed. If no race is sailed before 1300hrs a subsequent race will be the second class race followed by the Wadsworth if sufficient wind.

In the case of a late start for the first class race, race officers should consider holding the second class race back to back however this remains at RO discretion

**In accordance with club series SI’s the order of the Oakleaf and Frostbite races will be reversed on the final Sunday of the series.

Series descriptions

Black & White Combined fast and slow handicap starts (AM) and a pursuit race (PM)
Thurs Eve Fast, Slow and Junior starts on a Thursday evening while there is sufficient light
Stanier Two races on Saturday afternoons with Handicap and Junior starts
Main Two Class races, before and after lunch, during the main sailing season
Wadsworth Handicap race in the mid-afternoon on Sundays after the Main series
Tues Eve Two short Handicap races aimed at encourafing new and less experienced junior and adult sailors and windsurfers
Oakleaf Morning Handicap race in the late Autumn
Frostbite Afternoon Pursuit race in the late Autumn


  1. Actual number of races may turn out to be less than the scheduled number due to adverse weather etc.
  2. The number of counting races effectively determines the number of discarded results any sailor can have in the series.
  3. For the purposes of counting races a reduction in the number of races in the series can only result from a formal abandonment or an indefinite postponement by the Race Officer of the day and determination by the Results Secretary
  4. Where the counting races rule does not create an integer then the next higher integer should be used (e.g. if the rule gives 7.4 races, then number of counting races is 8).
  5. Qualifying races refers to Class qualification from the Summer Main series to allow a Class start in the following year’s Summer Main series. The rules for qualification are as per the club handbook.

The up to date Sailing Instructions are posted near the Race Office on the notice board. They may also be posted on the web.

Definitions and guidelines for Racing at Nottinghamshire County Sailing Club.

  • When fleets are split into fast and slow handicap the fast handicap will consist of Scorpions and faster boats plus the Finn. All other boats will sail in the Slow Handicap except boats sailed with a junior helm and crew which may sail in the separate junior / youth start. The exception to this is the Thursday night series where the slow fleet comprises Scorpions and all boats slower.
  • To qualify for any junior or youth trophy no person over the specified age may helm or crew in the boat.
  • For the provision of prizes, Junior and Youth ages are defined as on 31st December of the current year.
  • All handicap races should contain all points of sailing for the PYN handicap system to work.
  • When calculating the number of races required to qualify for a series you should always round up if necessary.
  • Boats with class status should always start on their allotted start and may only race with the Menagerie Fleet if there are not enough boats to form a Class start, please refer to the Club SI’s for more details. A class boat racing in the Menagerie Fleet will not receive a finishing position.
  • With the exception of pursuit races all handicap races are average lap races.
  • Members attending Open Meetings may apply for up to 4 qualifying points (Q points) in order to assist in ensuring the class achieves class status in subsequent seasons. For qualifying points to awarded a qualifying class race must have been sailed at Notts County. Qualifying points must be claimed before the end of the series in person, by e-mailer by post to the Results Secretary.

Information on: Junior Racing Results Guidelines

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