Snakebite 2017

The last weekend in February saw The Nottingham University Team Racing event at the club. As usual the clubhouse was full and the racing full on. After a 9.30 start it was all go for over 30 races. Then the wind gusted through causing some spills and capsizes, it was decided to pause for lunch, with the wind still gusting through it was decided to abandon the days racing at 3.30.

Sunday was calm to start with and the 9.30 start saw heats continue till around a semi final at lunch, when there was a pause to decide if it was to windy for a final of Birmingham v Cambridge, the Race Officer decided it was OK so it was on, and there was a tight final with Cambridge winning the first race after a capsize, and just winning the next race after a Cambridge boat filled with water near the start. 

Some photos below Y and y report

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