Work parties Jan / Feb 18

The club relies on members to volunteer in all areas, this helps keeps fees down along with developing a community spirit.

We have agreed the University can install a (rat proof) container to protect their recent investment in equipment. As such we need to demolish a container and move items from several containers. We are due to demolish the mower and storage container, which is the least secure and not in good condition.

We have set a date of 27th January 9 am until “finish” – Keith is coming down to do bacon cobs

Phase 1 – Empty Container
Sort into “waste” / disposal via skip  & materials / equipment for moving to larger Aluminium container behind old workshop.                    
Needs – Many hands  …   Workers with safety gloves / Protective boots  or  Wellies
Phase 2 – “Demolish” current wooden container – with steel corners and fold-up metal door. Cut down wooden sides and move to “bonfire area” ( Assuming wind in right direction) – Power Saws / Hand saws / Axes .
Chop up steel framework – Angle Grinders                  
Phase 3 – Clear ground ready for new container coming end of Feb.
Spades / Rakes / Chain saws for overhanging trees .
Optional Extra’s – If good numbers / light duties – Preparing / painting the 2 Scout Containers – wire brush / anti-rust coating 
Equipment List (please bring what you have) :-  
  • Safety gloves / Protective boots  / Overals or  Wellies
  • Power Saws / Hand saws / Axes  
  • Sledge Hammers / Crow Bars
  • Angle Grinders   / battery ones … Power ones – Extension leads
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Spades / Rakes / Chain saws       

On 17th February we have another work party to clear up generally. Also Guy Sprekley is looking to lead a tree pruning party on Saturdays, Jan/Feb (please contact him direct).

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