HANSA National series 2019

The Notts County SC HANSA Open meeting part of the class Associations National TT series for 303 one and two person HANSA 2.3 and Liberty class took part on 5thJune. Competitors came from all over the UK including South Scotland, London Tideway and Frensham Pond with Rutland being well represented. The boats have a heavy board for stability and lever steering and varying forms of assistance to allow sailors of all abilities to take part in the racing. The event requires plenty of volunteers for transfer and helping, thanks to all from Notts County who helped out.

Racing was close and only Andy Sheath and Kate Linott in the 303 two person achieved all string of firsts out of the 4 fleets, everyone else had discards of 2ndand 3rd, and the lead and other places changed regularly.

The morning was sunny with gusts of 16 miles per hour, which moderated a little after lunch as it clouded over with a hazy sun. The liberty fleet was first off with a win for Pat Crowley from Rutland he won the event on equal points from Val Milward from Rutland, followed bv David Durston from White Friars. The next srtart saw the remainder of the classes and the 303 was the most popular with Mike Evereitt from Frensham Pond winning by a good margin with three firsts anda  second as discard. Jessica Campbell from south Scotland Sailability was next with a first, second and third, with James Woosnam third from Rensham Pond. The 2 person 303 was won by Andy Sheath and Kate Lintott with Rik Hughes and John  Harwood from Fresnsham second. Finally the HANSA 2.3 was won by Lindsay Burns from Fresnshom.




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