Galley opening

At present the galley is shut due to Tier 3 restrictions and the lack of racing.

If it reopens this year there will be a limited food choice, menu below, payment will be contactless, and instructions on accessing the galley link to instructions. Pauline is looking forward to seeing everyone.

We believe the new government guidelines mean you need to wear a face covering, as Pauline is providing take always. In addition wearing a face mask helps protect Pauline, Colin and Keith. Please bring your own.

Access will be a one way system from training room to galley, and then out onto balcony, food/drinks can only be eaten outside and you must keep 2m away from everyone at all times (inc Pauline). Access toi galley Only one member of the family / Household, please collect food for everyone (and pay). No loitering inside the clubhouse / conservatory please move through to outside straight away.

Please note when you collect your food stand back on the ‘Barton 2m circle’, and allow the server to put the food on the counter and step back 2m before collecting. The same for payment. Keith or Colin will be writing your name and time down, as track and trace is now required. Reminder Members only allowed to purchase food and be on the premises.

Food Availability
Breakfast rolls: Bacon, sausage, egg – £2.50
Sandwiches: Tuna, Cheese, Chicken mayo, Ham £2.50, Egg £2 – please pre order these if you can
Chips £1 (tray)
Tea / Coffee 50p, served by catering team. Also cold drinks available.
Cowpats (Sunday) 50p

Please observe the protocol below to collect your food so you maintain social distancing. Thankyou.






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