RYA Racing course

The RYA racing course under the watchful eye of Tim Cripps, who has spent alot of time ensuring all went smoothly, with Adrian Jones on safety.  The Advanced / Intermediate group  with Ben & Ross/Stephanie leading. The start courses saw the young instructors, Chloe, John, Jake taking the groups through their paces on starting and going to windward. 

Loads of activity during the week with social distancing being observed, the weather was fairly kind (except Wednesday’s rain) with sunshine, and oil the last day a good wind. The sailing finished with a mass race the advanced starting well behind the start course and a socially distanced logbook handout, with parents separated and on the bank and logbooks at the table.

Quite a few photos, including others on the water whilst I was out. Great to see our squad members practising, and some new windsurfers out. the 29ers, and toppers showing the effectiveness of a masthead float.

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