Track & Trace

As you are no doubt aware new guidelines have been issued, some of which are legal requirements. Please remember no visitors are permitted not even relations, only club members.

The RYA have stated club needs to collect information on who is down and when. As such we have set up three methods for you to record your visit, each visit should be recorded.

Method 1: The one recommended by the Government is to download the NHS COVID-19 app, the barrier has a QR code (the ones with dashes etc in a square) you simply open the app and press venue check in button and point it at the code. It the comes up to say you are at the club. This method keeps your information private and on your phone. The app can be downloaded from your app store NHS Covid normally finds it. It doesn’t record your leaving time so it may be worth keeping a note of this.

Method 2: we have put some forms and a pen along with a post box (to keep the forms secure) by the Rigiflex (orange boat) under the clubhouse. Please fill these in and post in the white post box or alternatively if the galley is open you can register there, you have to provide the information to the galley. Open water swimmers are registered separately, and groups such as the University will be keeping their own record.

Method 3: We have set up our own NCSC form which will work on older phones, the QR code (method 3) is by the car park door and barrier, and here. This links you to a google form to collect members details.

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