Sunday 4th October

A cool, but sunny (much of the time) autumnal day, not too much wind but with the Topper National series only a couple of Juniors, at the Toppers on Saturday we had Sam Grayton leading in 5.3 (73 entries), and Katherine Gunn leading 4.2 (not sure how many entered)- lets hope they stay there for the final results. It looks like Sam won the 5.3 photo below of Charlie handing over trophy (thanks to James for photo).

Meanwhile at Notts County there was a good turnout for racing under the watchful eye of Nadina & William which quite naturally started on time! (some in the fast fleet were a little late). thanks also to the Ogdens, John Hobson and Clive Gimpson on safety cover. Even the windsurfers where out for the first time in weeks.

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