Wadsworth Questionnaire

Wadsworth Series on Sundays – 2021

The Wadsworth series has been held as the last race on a Sunday afternoon, but attendance has been relatively low. There have been attempts to change the time of the race in the past, but they have never succeeded. It has also previously been proposed to scrap the Wadsworth series due to the poor uptake. So, a change may be needed.

Options to consider are: 

Option A: Keep Wadsworth as last race in the afternoon

For: All members know time of race. The present attendance is better than at many clubs. Pauline has plenty of people for breakfast and lunch.

Against: Duty crew and competitors finish late, potential for wind dying later in day.

Option B: Move Wadsworth race to 10.00 start, first class race 11.15 start and second class race 13.30.

For: earlier finish for duty crew and competitors, potential for better bar profit as all finish racing at the same time, defined social sailing times (maybe from 1500 onwards?). Pauline will still get people for breakfast and lunch.

Against:  Earlier start, especially for duty crew. Unknown effect on numbers doing Wadsworth.

Option C: Move Wadsworth race to morning start (1100) with class races held back to back in afternoon (1300) start time

For: Potential for better bar profit as all finish racing at the same time. Later start for those who only do class races. Avoids long gap between two class races

Against: Not gaining more time for social sailing, big change in race programme affecting all sailors who race regularly, catering may suffer if people just turn up for the class racing, back to back racing difficult due to the number of starts, with a long time waiting between races.

Please email give your preference for A, B or C  to Martin – Vice Commodore at vicecommodore@ncsc.org.uk with any other comments you have by 1st January 2021, thanks.

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