Topper Traveller 2020/1

Our Topper sailors have travelled in autumn last year with great success, with Lockdown the series si now complete, see below for some results and link to the final one, lots of Notts County names there, well done.

Now that the Hollowell Traveller on 17th January 2021 has been cancelled, we are now in a position to post the Midlands Topper Traveller – Autumn/Winter 2020 Series Results 

As you are aware the RYA also supported us with obtaining a superb Perpetual Midlands Traveller Series Trophy. Recently, in addition to this, we have also been able to purchase a similar Perpetual Midlands Traveller 4.2 Winner Trophy

Overall Series: 1st   Hayden Moore (NCSC), 2nd  Tara Ewbank, 3rd   Finn Morgan
4.2 Sail: 1st   Jessica Powell, 2nd  Imogen Green
Under 13 (Phoenix Marine): Clem Middle
Under 10: Chloe Grayton – NCSC
1st Boy: Sam Grayton (4th o/a) – NCSC
1st Girl: Millie Hardiman

Other NCSC results (please correct me if any wrong):

Caitlin Thomas (10th)
Eddie Quinn (11th)
Chloe Grayton (17th)
Heather Quinn (18th)
Katherine Gunn (19th)
Edward Paling (21st)
Arthur Quinn (25th)

Endeavour (showing continuous effort, determination, perseverance and dedication) Katherine Gunn (NCSC)

The Series Results are available on the ITCA Website – link below

We would like to say a huge thankyou to Topper Sailboats, Rooster and Overboard for supporting our events, along with our continued ITCA sponsorship of GJWDirect Insurance, Harken & Optimum Time.

Well done to all Sailors that have taken part in the Series. We have seen such great sailing and Sportsmanship – We did not have any Official Protests at either event !!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Midlands Traveller 2021 Spring Series !!!

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