Recent high water

As many of you will probably be aware there has been flooding in the Trent Valley. the club has not been immune and for the second time in two years it has come over the road on the corner from the small lake, and earlier on from the brook adjacent. This isn’t surprising the reason the clubhouse is on stilts is because it is in the flood plane. The boat park was Ok but one or two containers may have had water in.

Volunteers from the committee have been down to free gangplanks and check the out flow is working well (when the water drops) you can see from the camera the water level is dropping, but of course the Trent is still quite high (4/2/21).

As soon as water level and flood risk is reduced we have plans for repairing the road etc, and replenishing our dye, which will have been washed away. Some notes from James below, photos from various people.

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