Works at Club – Spring 2021

NCSC: Projects Team Note [ii] –March 2021

Firstly, many thanks to all those who put in some big shifts over the last couple of weeks as some substantive groundworks projects became reality; co-ordinated by Graham (H), Ian (P), Paul (O), and Tim (M-H) in particular put a lot of time and effort in – but I know supported for some of the time by Ross (R), Steve (P) and Steve and Jill (L), Adrian (J) and Viv (W) Steve (W) and many others, please accept apologies if not directly mentioned.  A number of others (eg Lindsay (O) and others) have been doing the usual sorting in and around the clubhouse.   

So what’s been achieved?The West end of the main carpark has been substantially dug out and back filled with hardcore then top stones.  This included the replacement of the broken and blocked 12” diameter pipe from the dyke to the small lake by a new 300cm diameter plastic drain pipe.   To complement this, a great start has been made clearing and deepening the dyke behind the ‘hub’ – tree removals, concrete block moving.    The opportunity was taken to clear some growth next to the small lake slipway and backfill – giving a much improved access space for training boats launch and recovery activity

Stratos area ready, resulting in additional car parking spaces

The new spaces for the training boats (Stratos etc) has been set out – just the car park edge fence to go in.  This releases approx. 12 car parking spaces in the main car park.  

The spoil (some estimated 350 tonnes) has been placed beyond the FF boat park area – with access for Cobbles etc temporary parking retained.

The access road has been fully refurbished with significant tonnage of roadstone – to complement the gravel road past Creagh Concrete’s works – which they carried out.

Track has been repaired – please drive slowly
Bosun work area

The bosun’s workshop now has a very smart concrete pad and with the dyke and surrounding banks work there will be good storage space for all the bits and bobs and item under repair that accompany this workshop, again freeing up car parking spaces in the main car park.  

The disabled parking spaces, both on the South side next to the access ramp (designated a drop off / pick up space) and on the North side (double space – parallel parked – occupying the same parking length as had existed) have now become properly sized concrete pads, making them actually usable for disability members and visitors.

Pouring the concrete bases to provide improved disabled access top the club

The disabled spaces being poured after several days preparation by the team

Additionally, a disability parking space has been created near where the Sailability boats are stored for single vehicle access to that end of the boat park.

The remodelled pontoon (FF slip area) has been finished off and handrails fitted.  

Upgrading pontoon with handrails
Painting Gents changing ceiling

The gents changing ceiling has been painted, largely by the Commodore.

When the training boat area is finalised the boats will be pulled across.  The south side of the main carpark can then be finished off, including repositioning of the car park posts and adding a removable chain in front of the ‘Topper Trailers’ area – leaving an entrance way.

The bosun and his team have been readying the boats for the start of sailing.

Tim has been down regularly, there are some new covers for the ribs to be put on after each use, instructions to follow, this should mean the boats are clean and hygienic when you come to use them.

Other project jobs.

Martin and the pontoon / jetty team have developed a proposal for the FF jetty and adjacent pontoon.  This proposal will include replacement of the ‘small’ pontoon on the small lake which was damaged by the recent floods.  

As ever, there is still plenty to be done, (eg erecting a fence around the propane tank), The emergency rib parking area and access (onto the slipway) are to be addressed, The drainage / soakaway to stop the puddle forming at the bottom of the main steps requires finishing off. 

The disabled toilet refurbishment will happen in April (50% funded by a Newark and Sherwood grant).  A number of W&W day jobs are being prepared, including the gents chaging walls which require a cleanup and new coat of paint, tree line trimming around the FF and Wayfarer boat park, foreshore growth clearance as well as the usual general cleaning and tidy up activities. Anyone with time we would be grateful for help on any of these works.

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