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The club’s Black & White series, named after the famous whisky I believe, started on Sunday 4th April with a large turnout of just under 50 craft, with a few windsurfers, and a large Fast & Slow handicap, along with a strong topper fleet, not that all juniors were in toppers, there were also 420s and 29ers.

Ken & Sue Twemlow got the racing off to a prompt start, in the sunshine, and the breeze slowly picked up, with the larger sailed boats planing, and the odd capsize. The temperature started climbing to 14’C and Pauline served her cowpats along with sandwiches and chips as a takeaway service.

The following day, Easter Monday was cooler, as the two day series indicated! Nicola and Jon officiated, with some sterling work by the safety crew. The temperature had dropped after some early morning snow, to around 6’C, and the wind increased to an average of 17mph with some fierce gusts, everyone on the water was experienced, and numbers were down from yesterday for the second day of the Easter Cooler, hardly surprisingly, but there was some excellent racing and the odd capsize.

Black & White results

A few photos from Sunday and Monday

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