RYA Judge & Race Officer courses

RYA Regional Judge Course, in late summer. The exact dates are yet to be finalised, but we’d welcome any “expressions of interest” in attending. Please simply complete our Race Officials Course Waiting List and we’ll send you the date as soon as it has been set.

RYA Regional Race Officer Course : Online Regional Race Officer (RRO) courses have been delivered through January- March. The club will be hosting a RYA Regional Race Officer Course in May 2021. The courses are for those interested in expanding their knowledge of race management, with some experience preferred. There are a number of on-line pre-course modules to view beforehand, followed by a short quiz to complete. 10/10 must be achieved in order to attend the course. There is also a 50-minute exam at the end of the course, attendees have 2 weeks to take this on-line exam, a pass is one of the requirements for the RRO qualification. The date for the course is yet to be finalised, but if you are interested in attending, please complete our course waiting list form

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