Transitional Training

Sunshine but not a lot of wind for the first of the Transitional Training sessions for those fresh off the Start To Sail Course. After rigging their boats, Phill set a triangular course to give the recruits a chance demonstrate their skills on the different points of sail.

Despite the lack of breeze, all sailors competently negotiated each leg. Hints and tips were given from Scorpion sailors Phil, Jon and Jake, who followed in the safety boats.

After a couple of hours the wind completely died, and the gang retired for a debrief on the shore. On the balcony we chatted over a sausage cob and a well earned cuppa courtesy of Mandy.

Next week we look closer at boat control, and get an insight into racing at the club. If you have recently completed a Start Sailing course at Notts and would like to begin the transition into independence on the water, please drop us a line at and join the team. A few photos of the first evening.

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