Air Display at RAF Syerston

Those (I suspect around 50 or more) who managed to get down on Wednesday 25th August were treated to a superb air display. The RAF at Syerston put it on for Cadets, but we had a pretty good view from the club. Many had their cameras out so ion I get any more photos to add I can put them in.

I also ran a video for those interested which you can find here

Just after lunch the Red Arrows appeared bang on schedule (of course) too give a full display given the clouds. Then a few minutes later a Chinook showed just how manoeuvrable a large heavy helicopter is. The air went silent until there was a distinctive noise of piston engines as a Spitfire and Hurricane appeared and rolled and flew around. Then finally for the early afternoon part a Parachute display team came down from the cloud base which was quite low.

A break then just as I finished swimming there was this tremendous roar, as A Typhoon came over, and showed just how manoeuvrable the modern fighter is, whilst the roles vertical climbs etc were impressive watching a huge jet almost hover over the water going at probably 20 mph over land was very impressive. A few photos below.

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