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Sunday Virtual series 1

Well after only a handful of proper sailing Sundays Covid19 stopped play for both our sailing and life in general – but most importantly our sailing (as sailing is life). So as a substitute competitors took to the water virtually in the form of the app/website VR inshore, a big thank you to Chloe Willars for organising all the racing and the results. 

 After 4 weeks of Sunday racing 12 races had been completed (3 each week) with 4 discards. The first series ended here so that more members can join us for the next series (if your interested but don’t know how to get started feel free to contact Team Willars, Tim , John Tailby or David Eberlin). Anyway Sam Grayton (Vr name Sam315) took the win, no change there then. In second was Matt Potter under the name of Robinhud l, sadly for Matt’s dad Nigel the only repairs were to some people’s dignity, seems you can’t damage online boats (trust me I’ve tried). And in 3rd was HOOF HEARTED, or Laserman, or LasermanTim – if one more name change happened I thing Chloe may have taken him out. Overall there were 24 competitors in what turned out to be a fun and competitive event. With a new series starting next Sunday (10th May) then is the perfect opportunity for any other members fancying a go to join the fun! The first race begins at 11am.

 Additionally we tried a bit of team racing ran by John Tailby on a Sunday evening, as the teams varied every week there were no overall results for this. But the game lends itself rather well to team racing, with each team having different sail colours. We predominantly used the star class for this, which resulted in some interesting antics downwind as the racing rules on VR inshore are at times a bit questionable. A group of 4 from the team racing has also entered a national team racing competition that will run over the next few weeks. The NCSC team comprises of Sam Grayton (Sam315), Matt Potter (Robinhud), Jake Willars (Jakethecornerbanger) and John Tailby (Silverballs the crew). How we will get on we shall have to find out. If interested in giving team racing a go let John Tailby, a member of team willars know and they’ll point you in the right direction. Racing here happens around 7pm on a Sunday evening.

 We’ve tried to make the of the situation with virtual sailing and whilst it isn’t the real thing it’s the best we can do at the moment. So stay safe and we hope to see you on the water as soon as it is safe.

 Sunday Race series 1 

Youth Race Squad virtual racing

YRS Series 4 Virtual Sailing WC Monday 18th May

We have a new leader this week – Ari. Ari has been in the lead for most of the week. Well done Ari. The Second place goes to Arthur who has a very consistent week and won every race on the last day. Well done Arthur.  In third place was Charles. Charles has won every week so far but the others have gradually been matching his gaming skills. Well Done Charles.

Now for the regatta over the next three days.

There won’t be any YRS VR next week. We are hoping to get to the club and do a bit of recreational sailing next week.

Well done to everyone who took part this week.

Jo, Steph and Martin

Results week 4

YRS Series 3 Virtual Sailing WC Monday 11th May

Our champion again this week is Charles Miles-Hayler.  But what a week it’s been. Neck and neck all week between Charles and Eddie Q. Eddie has been in the lead the last two days but he did not have a good day at the office today. Well Done Charles. Well done Eddie Q for making an exciting finish to the week and for coming second overall.

Arthur was in third place. Well done. He was on equal points with Heather but took the third place on count back.

Eddie P had a good week too with two race wins and a number of top three places this week. Chloe also made the podium this week and is improving all the time.

Well done to everyone who took part this week.

Next week the series will only be Monday to Friday due to the Virtual Regatta. Get you entries in folks.

Jo, Steph and Martin

Results week 3

YRS Series 2 Virtual Sailing WC Monday 4th May

Our champion again this week is Charles Miles-Hayler who sailed consistently throughout the week and was discarding 3rd and 4th places by the end of the week.  He did note have it all his own way – there were a number of other race winners but none as consistent as Charles. Well Done Charles.

He was followed in second place by Katherine Gunn who sailed very well and was also assisted by the discards that came into play after race 12.

Arthur Quinn had a consistent week and this week managed to beat big sister Heather finishing 3rdwith Heather 4th.

Madison Gregg had a storming week and was lying second coming into the final day’s racing.

Georgia, Chloe and Euan have shown a lot of promise this week demonstrating that they can finish in the top positions in the fleet.

Well done to everyone who took part this week.

We are always open to suggestions to encourage more of our youths and juniors to take part.

Jo, Steph and Martin

Results week 2

YRS Series1  – Virtual racing week commencing 27th April

Our champion this week is Charles Miles-Hayler who sailed consistently throughout the week. Well Done Charles.
He was followed in second place by Eddie Quinn who sailed very well particularly in the latter part of the week. Eddie got kicked out of the game due to internet problems a couple of times which meant he had to count all his sailed races.  Arthur Quinn stormed up the fleet at the end of the week to finish fourth overall.  Arthur was convincingly beaten by his big sister Heather who finished third.
We also had first time race wins for Madison Gregg, Ari Dole and Katherine Gunn
Well done to everyone who took part this week. I think in some races we had fourteen starters.
Jo, Steph and Martin


Virtual May Regatta 2020

The Virtual regatta has started and the Saturday & Sunday races have taken place see below for reports and results which will be updated as they come in.

Day 3 and Final results

Experienced: The final three races saw changes in leads, fleets and also fly swatting techniques.

Two rookies decided to join in with the experienced racing: James Whit and Icon15 – it’s safe to say that they were probably in the wrong fleet to begin with as both outperformed many of the top sailors from the experienced fleet!

Ok, so you’re probably all wondering about the fly swatting (or you’re not) the RO had decided to host the last 3 races of the series outside by the lake. The only problem with this was the overwhelming number of green flies. I’ve decided that we should blame my race 2 result on the masses of greenflies that gathered upon my skin!!!

Race 1 had several changes of front runners with Singapore Sling taking the lead from Paul Aero who asked, ‘who let me in front? I got lost on the first lap!’ It’s also worth mentioning that James Whit and Icon15 placed a respectable 5th and 6th beating the overnight leader Robinhud who placed 7th!

Race 2 was won by rookie (or not so rookie) James Whit which elicited the remark ‘James u r banned 😊’ from the very man that suggested James should join the fleet! We also got to witness the progress of boat53367’s dinner which was BBQ (we are all jealous!) I’m impressed at his multitasking!

Race 3 was won by the squad father himself – LASERBUOY! Apparently it was close racing between himself and Robinhud however ourselves in mid-fleet were too busy match racing downwind (penalising everyone in our paths!) to realise what was going on up front

The overall top 3 was:
1st Matt Potter sailing Robinhud
2nd Alan Beaton sailing Singapore Sling
3rd Sam Grayton sailing Sam315

Congratulations everyone – I hope to see you all out on the water again at some point (2m apart obviously!)
Experienced regatta final results

Rookie: The final day of our regatta- the pressure was on the competitors to put in faultless performances as the overall points were tight.

Unfortunately some of the sailors had forgotten the 1st rule of racing: Preparation & Planning. Hugh- Jass, pre regatta favourite, really messed up with the planning and failed to get to the start in time. A real shame as I was looking forward to an epic 3 way tussle to decide the overall winner.
 Equally lacking in preparation was Precious Two, (a certain Mr Ryan.) His feeble attempts at trying to blame Kathryn for pinching all the available wifi really was er, pathetic actually!
I must also confess that I was having a complete meltdown due to my laptop developing issues and continually locking up. It was only with the help of 2 mobile phones and Hilary that racing got away on time. Phew!
So, to the racing. Today we were sailing in Denmark and disappointingly, whilst the UK were basking in super sunshine we had overcast conditions but with a favourable F4.
As usual the 1st race was sailed in The Star. Deceptively simple with just the one sail to worry about, tactics play a big part. JamesW, who has no tactical sailing experience at all, had a cracking front of fleet battle with Fumblethumbs (Phill D.) who has probably 30+ years experience. You might have thought  Fumblethumbs would have been a safe bet, but no, JamesW snuck the win by 0.001 sec. Yes, my stopwatch is that accurate, It was definitely not influenced by James being Hilary’s son. The Icon, took 3rd with WhyKnotMe, (Hilary), taking her best result so far,a 4th, despite me trying to commandeer her laptop.
Race2.  Back into the 3 sail J70. Things really got tight overall with JamesW taking his 2nd victory of the day. Steadily improving throughout the regatta Snapper (Martin S.) took a well deserved 2nd, Fumblethumbs 3rd with The Icon slipping to 4th. The Queen of Sheba was having a quiet day; is that possible?  😁 A steady 5th though was keeping her on track to defeat her ‘Precious One’ (Two).
With just 1 race to go the points were extremely tight. A treat awaited our sailors as I had selected the fast moving Nacra catamaran to be sailed for race 3 A new boat to our sailors it threw up challenges from the start. WhyKnotMe suffered terminal damage as she broke her rudder on the start line (reality; the 2nd laptop breakdown we suffered in our house in less than an hour). This sailing lark can get expensive with repairs.  Barney T, having a good day so far, succumbed to his navigational failings again by not finding the start line.
Saving his best until last Snapper, using his not inconsiderable tactical sailing knowledge, put upstart JamesW firmly in his place by covering upwind and keeping clear air off wind. An 8 sec winning margin was a great way for Snapper to finish his regatta.  JamesW took 2nd with the Icon another 3rd.
And so that was the end of the Rookie Regatta. Who had won? With a 2nd discard to be applied I really had no idea. But when the numbers were crunched it couldn’t have been closer. With The Icon and JamesW on equal points countback had to be applied.  By virtue of having taken 3 wins to Jamesw’s 2 The Icon took the regatta. Consistent results throughout gave Thumblethumbs the final podium position.
But, of course, every competitor was a winner. All who took part are very new to V.R. and it does take some pracise to get the hang of it. But with determination,  a sense of humour and most definitely a reliable wifi  it is very achievable. I had a great time running the racing and being able to watch the sailors improve each day. My thanks to each and everyone of them for giving it a go and being part of our V.R. Congratulations for your amazing  performances Lets do it again!            

Rookie results Final

Juniors:  Regatta Day 3: In the Junior fleet, the fleet was depleted by real sailing on real water, but the racing remained close for the determined handful of starters. 

Race 1 saw Arthur win, just in front of Charles and Georgia.  Race 2 took place in 49ers in Newport.  Alex had the lead early on, followed by Arthur and Charles.  Georgia had an unfortunate incident with the RO, whose boat had developed a mind of its own.  Arthur rounded the top mark first and led to the bottom mark followed by Alex and then Charles and Cillian close together, Cillian collecting a penalty.  At the top mark it was Arthur with Charles and then Alex, with the placings unchanged at the finish.

In the third race, in Nacras somewhere in France, Charles led off the line, with Cillian adding to his collection of penalties. The fleet headed for the right hand side and more pressure.  Arthur and Georgia overtook Charles briefly, but by the top mark it was Charles who was in the lead.  Offwind, the fleet was stuck in light wind in the middle of the course, unable to get to the pressure on the right hand side.  Unsurprisingly, the fleet headed right on the next beat, with Charles still in the lead at the top mark.  Charles gybed to keep in the pressure, then gybed back to stay between Arthur and the finish, with Georgia just behind. 

In the overall results Charles won, Heather was next (despite doing real sailing on the last day instead), then Arthur.  Congratulations to Charles on a very consistent series, and to all on excellent sailing and sportsmanship all round. 

Several juniors were also involved in the Experienced fleet and team racing.  Congratulations to all who took part in the NCSC VR Regatta in whatever form, mostly showing the adults how to do it.

Now back to the water! 

Jo, Steph and Martin

Final Junior Results

Team Racing final day: After a tense final day of team racing team 5 won by the smallest of margins.

After a round robin between the 3 remaining teams each team had won one and lost one, so the finishing positions of each team member for the final day were added together and the team with the least points overall would win.

Team 3 came 3rd with 22 points. Team 4 came 2nd with 21 points and team 5 came 1st with 20 points – nail biting stuff! A big well to all the competitors especially those in team 5 (Matt Buchan, Simon Parker and Ross Ryan).

Junior Regatta Day 2: We had three separate race winners today: Heather, Arthur and Georgia. 

Heather leads overall, followed by Charles in second and Eddie P in third. Well done all.

Commiserations for Arthur Quinn who had technical problems with his boat in the last race.

Whilst the RO didn’t keep track of what was happening far away at the front of the fleet in the first two races, one of the AROs observed the third race and noted some very close racing and place-changing, particularly in the lead group. The fleet spotted the wind in the middle of the course and arrived tightly grouped at the top mark. Arthur collected a penalty whilst Heather led onto the downwind leg followed by Georgia and Charles. Again, the fleet made good use of the wind in the middle of the course and the favoured buoy on the left hand side of the course. Heather rounded first, in a very tight group with Georgia and Charles. Meanwhile,  Cillian was having gear failure, but managed to keep going. At the top mark, Heather rounded first, but Georgia overtook her – making better use of the pressure on the right of the course? Georgia kept the lead to the finish.  Congratulations to all on a good race and getting through the schedule with time for an extra “fun” race at the end before handing over to the Experienced fleet.

Jo, Steph and Martin


Rookie Day 2: A force 4 and sunshine greeted our sailors in Brazil as they launched their Stars for race 4 of the series. Hugh-Jass stormed into a commanding lead and with the finish line in site disaster struck in the form of an E Sailing capsize….WiFi failure! This was mainly down to lack of Preparation and Planning on behalf of the helm; next time get home on time instead of trying to race from your car on the A46.
Anyway, Icon Martin gladly took the win with newcomer JamesW coming in 2nd.
Race 2 saw the red flag come out for what the Queen of Sheba thought was unsporting conduct by Snapper for luffing her down the run. A stewards enquiry determined that The Queen was making a Drama  out of nothing so the result stood. Another win for the Icon. A pleasing observation  was the fleet all remembered today to hoist their spinnys at the right time; nicely done!
The race officer judged that the fleet had progressed sufficiently to be let lose in 49ers for Race 3. This time Hugh-Jass, back home by now, made no mistakes and powered round the course to win from Snapper by a big 20secs margin. 

Barney T, our Vice Commodore, having managed to avoid the weed today, succumbed to navigational issues. His final radio communication suggested he had docked at Cape Town, particularly worrying  being as this race was held in Denmark.

With the Icon using up one of his discards the regatta is wide open with 3 races still to come. With a 2nd discard yet to come into play the podium places are all up for grabs. See you all tomorrow.

Experienced: Day 2 of the regatta saw some VR inshore sailors taking to the real-life water at NCSC! Most were rusty having only really exercised using VR inshore so there were many ‘man down’ moments (I’m speaking about you Robinhud!)

There was a race to get home and gain consistent Wi-Fi connection and screams of the novice racing could be heard from mum in the front seat as she forgot to put the kite up at the windward mark.

Unfortunately, the designated RO was still on the A46 when the clock struck 18.00 – so Laserbuoy stepped up so that the race could go ahead.

Race 1 saw that the two boats brave enough to attempt a ‘port-ender’ had the advantage up the beat and both slipped up into 1st and 2nd.  It has to be said that there is little action up the beat in the star (unless you go into the windward mark on port – in which case it’s just scary for whoever is attempting the manoeuvre!), its downwind sailing that is where the most competitive and oftentimes ruthless competition occurs. It was downwind where I witnessed a ‘miracle’: Samb1066 had fouled and gained a penalty but actually began to gain places as he skilfully picked the biased side of the course to sail on. It was on the last run when everything got stressful – there was a total of 5 meters separating first, second and third and Laserbuoy being the speed demon he was was covering NCSC down to the finish. I’m not entirely sure how, but NCSC managed to slip away (it could have been something to do with Robinhud gaining on Laserbuoy and covering him…) In the end, there was less than a second separating first second and third!

Race 2 saw the return of Sam315 (who had missed race 1), Jakethecornerbanger (who was probably feeding the dog), Boat53367 (probably rigging the kite up?) and Betty Swollocks (who had been driving in race 1 and we don’t condone racing and driving!). It was silent in the room as the start sequence began, all that could be heard was the whistling of penalties being dished out, another port bias and this time everyone wanted to be at the port end which made it very scary to say the least!! It’s worth mentioning now (because dad hasn’t stopped banging on about it) that Betty had soon fought their way through the fleet to gain a lead of more than 300m. Race 2 was again in the 49er and I’m not going to lie I definitely haven’t got complete control of the boat – in fact, as I was hurtling towards the gate marks (kite still up because I couldn’t let go of the controls!!) I was sure I’d be hearing whistles from the judge boat; however, I’d just slipped into the three boat lengths and everyone around me was and I quote ‘going for the gap’. I wasn’t having any of it I think I fouled around 7 boats rounding that mark (most had overtaken me by the finish, but we don’t speak about that). Having interviewed the winner Betty Swollocks his conclusive remarks on the race was ‘it was all over before the windward mark!’.

After deflating dads head we began race 3 – this time it was a committee boat bias. It was crowed near the start and the screen was filled with sails as well as the faint sound of the judge boat… Sam315 had a rapid start making his way up to first up the beat – it was probably nice to be first up the beat as near the middle of the fleet, penalties were being dished out left right and centre! I think that at this point we should definitely consider protesting those with fancy spinnaker designs – each time I rounded the wing mark behind Singapore Sling, their kite distracted me to the point where I forgot my boat also had a kite!

After todays racing the results changed significantly with many people moving all over the leader board each time I added the race results!

Experienced day 1 & 2 results

Team Racing Day 2: On the second day if team racing 5 teams were narrowed down to 3, I can’t give a race by race breakdown as I had a computer with the game on in front of me, my phone with the WhatsApp group up to keep the competitors under control in one hand and a Strongbow in the other. But what I can tell you is that that overall team 1 got no points (we’ll blame it on Georgia’s dodgy Wi-Fi – sort it out Jo) team 2 got 1 point (must have marginally better Wi-Fi but need to upgrade to fibre optic I think and them teams 3, 4 and 5 were tied on 3 points. So it’s all to play for tomorrow as we find out if team 3, team 4 or team 5 will win the event!

First Days Results:

Experienced: I knew the first races of the regatta were taking place when I opened my phone and saw that the WhatsApp group was on fire with updates from the regatta, in fact, my phone had been pinging that much that I was beginning to worry about whether Tim was going to have an aneurysm!

All three races saw a jam-packed start line with around 18 competitors which meant three things: 1. Starts would be terrifying 2. Mark rounding’s would be terrifying and 3. There would be many penalties.
The initial beat from race 1 was interesting with most going up the left but a few going up the right, it would soon become obvious that it would pay to go up the right (especially when NCSC stormed from 12th to 1st!!). Rounding the mark first wasn’t too bad due to there being less people but shouts from around our living room suggested that it wasn’t so easy near the middle and end of the fleet. There were at least 2/3 of the fleet that had fouled rounding mark one and meant that those who didn’t foul had the advantage on the reach and run. Considering the wind speed outside, it wasn’t a surprise when a few of the members of the fleet would end up in the eternal capsize (as they were kicked out due to Wi-Fi!).
Race 2 in the 49er was just as interesting as race one – if not more due to the increased speed and also lack of control (especially in boat NCSC who achieved 11 penalties in the race – who could that have been?!). I’d give more details on race 2 but if I’m honest it literally went by like a blur so instead of race anecdotes, I will provide my favourite quote from the group chat which I think describes the race better than I could: ‘apologies to Paul aero on the downwind leg!’ Sam Buchan (I have no idea what happened, but the mystery intrigues me)
Race 3 began with most sailors wondering what John Tailby was having for tea (we had no answer so I can only assume it was a family secret?!). It’s worth mentioning now that the superior sailor for day 1 of the experienced regatta group was Sam Grayton (sailing Sam315) who stormed every race to the top! One of the notes I wrote for the report whilst in the race was ‘close and sometimes aggressive’ when referring to down wind sailing. I’m assuming a lot of people can relate to this as there was definitely close racing throughout the fleet and judging by the penalties received downwind, I could tell it was getting competitive!!

That was basically all that I can remember happening for day 1 of the Experienced Regatta racing – I’m off for some dinner now!

Team Racing: And at 1900 the team racing began and ran surprisingly smoothly with only Kathryn H-S and Tim C getting their colours wrong, to be fair Tim was filling in at the last minute. Race 1 was a convincing 1,2,3 win for the Quinns, after that the races became much closer, peaking with a nail biting finish to race 5 which was very narrowly won by team 4, team racing at its best. Thanks to all who took part. The over night standings are:

1st – Team 3
Joint 2nd – Teams 2, 4 and 5
5th – Team 1
It’s all to play for on day two!
Rookie Racing
So, after 2 days of practise racing, our intrepid group of sailors new to Virtual Racing lined up (nearly) on the start line at 1700 prompt to compete in the 1st of 9 Regatta races being held over 3 days. Starting gently racing was in the single sail Star. It soon became clear that expertise in an RS400 counted for nothing with notable names out of their customary top fleet position! With everyone’s broadband proving reliable the entire fleet finished within 90 seconds of each other; a great start to the regatta. The only complaint came from the Vice Commodore who claimed to be picking up weed.
Race 2 sorted the fleet out a little with many not spotting the J70 has a spinnaker, resulting in some very slow downwind legs! The Whattsapp messagesprior to the race, with images of wine, beer and gin, may have given clues as to why the 3rd sail was missed!  With only Ross suffering from non payment of broadband another close race was completed.
Race 3 , this time in Off Shore Racers with traditional spinnakers, was the closest of the day producing the 3rd different winner. It has to be noted that the winner was spreading Fake News regarding how to use the spinnaker control…my red flag may be coming out if it happens again.
Apparently Mr Payne had the largest number of penalties and The Queen of Sheba is on the phone to Paintcraft. My best stat is that 86 whattsapp messages were produced during an hours head hurts!
Anyway, that’s the 1st day done, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the racers put up a great performance; lets do it all again tomorrow!  


How to enter

Virtual Racing has become a real success story in recent weeks with many club members taking part in club, national and international series. A combination of a little sailing knowledge, some computer game dexterity & a good wifi signal will see you well up the fleet. And some practice!

In place of the traditional Spring Regatta we are running a Virtual Spring Regatta. Racing will take place over 3 days, 23rd-25th May in the early evening. There are fleets for all; junior, experienced, rookies & team racing. The Rookie fleet is ideal for those new to Virtual Racing. Give it a go.

With a top team of race officers: Chloe Willars, Martin Gunn, John Tailby setting perfect courses with fair winds at locations around the world what could possibly go wrong! Get involved, enter now.

Racing will take place on:-

Sunday 24th May:-  
– Junior Series Start 1700
– Rooky Series Start  1700
– Experienced Series Start 1800
– Team Racing Series Start 1900

Monday 25th May    
– Junior Series Start 1700
– Rooky Series Start 1700
– Experienced Series Start 1800
– Team Racing Series Start 1900

Races will be ‘opened’ 5 minutes before the start time.
Codes to sign on will be made available via the series Whattsapp group

The organising committee retain the right to amend start times & fleets which may include a separate start for NCSC adopted classes should sufficient entries warrant it. 

To take part you will need use of device connected to the internet (laptop, phone, Ipad) & a phone so you can join a Whatsapp group to receive regatta information.

For free entry please fill in the simple entry form Online entry here

Full Notice of Race NOR here

For those who have yet to try Virtual Racing full details of how to get started can be found on the NCSC website

NCSC Training sessions are run daily for both Juniors & adults. Contact Martin Gunn for juniors only and Chloe Willars for any age who want to participate at 1900 daily. Team racing is also held several times a week, led by John Tailby. Contact myself if you do not have these group leaders contact details or if you would like some additional ‘quieter’ training

We hope to see you Virtually

The Twins 18th Virtual Birthday


Friday the 24th April was a special day for two of NCSC’s most popular and talented youngsters.

18 years ago Nicola and Jon Willars brought into the world twins Chloe and Jake. In normal circumstances an 18th birthday would be celebrated with mass gatherings of friends and family.  Very likely, for this sailing obsessed duo, a trip to our club for a birthday sail would have been on the agenda. Alas, due to the current restrictions, neither of these options was going to happen.

We couldn’t let the day pass without some kind of recognition for Chloe & Jake.

It was inspired by Sarah & Richard to set up a Zoom call (I hadn’t heard of it either a month ago!) at 1830 to wish them a Happy Birthday. This was to be followed by The Big Birthday Virtual Sailing Regatta.

ZOOM CALL – a few of the 35 participants (courtesy Hillary)

With the expertise of Kathryn the Zoom call opened at 1830. Now it’s fair to say that usual Zoom conference call etiquette was not in evidence! But, who cared? This was a birthday celebration!

At the peak of the call we had around 35 people singing Happy Birthday; not quite in total harmony but if released as a single there is no doubt it would knock Capt. Tom off the No. 1 spot.

It was fascinating to see members in their homes; poor camera angles clearly showed Paul & Caths ceiling needs painting, Adrian & Viv cuddling up on the sofa like teenagers, Boggy relegated to the garden by the glowing Sammy & Sarah, Commodore James looking dashing, John Tailby proving he is the tidiest teenager ever, Georgia & Jo in fits of giggles trying to light candles on a birthday cake, Kathryn trying, and failing, to restore order, Matt, Laura  & family surrounded by chaos, Trustee Paul relaxing in Brown Towers, Isis GONE BLONDE!,  Dave Snutch looking super cool with his headphones, David E, Becca, Eloise, Mandy, Hilary and many more who I’ve missed, sorry.

And, of course, the reluctant stars Chloe & Jake with Nicola, Jon & Holly the dog, surrounded by mountains of cake (New  size wetsuits may be required!)       


Over the past month a growing number of members have been Virtual Racing with Sunday morning and Thursday evening series being set up and run by Chloe & Jake ( with assistance from John Tailby.) Practice racing takes place every day at 1900. Martin Gunn also runs racing for the Youth Squad on a daily basis at 1600.

So, in honour of Chloe & Jake, it was decided to run a special one off regatta.

With a talented field of 18 sailors we chose Aarhus in Denmark to hold the event. Four races to be sailed with best three to count. Each race was to be sailed in a different boat.

With myself acting as race officer and also scorer I felt that I had given myself every chance of winning. Alas, true talent shone through and my dreams of victory vanished. To add an International flavour my brother Nigel, who lives in the USA and has become a Virtual NCSC Member , was one of the entrants.

Race1:- Star Class

It was clear from the off that that too much cake consumption in the Willars household had affected their performance. ‘Jakethecornerbanger’ (Jake) limped in a distant 12th whilst ‘Silverballs’ (Chloe)  performed even worse coming in 14th. Whoops! ‘Robinhud’ (Matt) took an extremely lucky win from ‘Silverthecrew’ (John Tailby) and ‘NCSC’ (me).   Internet issues, the equivalent of terminal capsizes, resulted in D.N.F.s for several competitors.

Race 2:- J70 Class

‘Hibbert’ (Simon) relished the spinnaker work and took a  deserved victory. ‘JTCornerbanger’ looked to have worked off some of the cake (or had he pinned back his hair out of his eyes?) and produced the form we have come expect from him to take a close 2nd. Ominously ‘Robinhud’ stole a 3rd. A notable poor race came from ‘Betty Swollocks’ (Jon Willars) 12th who clearly was not able to cope with a spinnaker

Race 3 : 49er Class

Now these really are quick boats and it’s very clear that the younger your fingers directly relates to how well you do. My theory is borne out as the results came in with a magnificent victory for ‘Silverballsthe crew’, closely followed by ‘Silverballs’(Chloe)Hurrah! , ‘CaptainPiggott’ (Alex) 3rd. , ‘JTCornerbanger’ 4th, ‘Bradley1866’ (Bradley Seaton) 5th. With the exception of Alex who is now very old all the others are 18 or younger. It’s just not fair.

Race 4 ; F50 Class ( Americas Cup Boats)

All to play for. With 3 different race winners so far the Virtual Cup was up for grabs.

With yet another race winner ‘Captain Piggott’, the minor placings would be crucial. A depleted fleet in this race due to exhaustion, or maybe alcohol, saw ‘Robinhud’ sneek a 2nd with ‘JTCornerbanger’ now hitting a golden streak taking 3rd

So, 4 races completed in just under an hour with 4 different race winners! All that remained was to put the results into Sailwave to find the overall winner. It was close, very close. But by just one point ‘Robinhud’ took the regatta and Virtual Cup. 2nd was ‘Silverballsthecrew’ a very popular result for such a well liked sailor, with Birthday boy ‘Jakethecornerbanger’ coming back from his cake hangover to clinch the Virtual Bronze medal.

Thanks to all the competitors and supporters for hopefully giving Chloe & Jake a little something to remember their Virtual 18thBirthday by. We wish them every success for the future and thank them for their amazing support to club members.

Results of Virtual Birthday regatta



For any member wanting to try out the Virtual Sailing there are instructions on the website. Alternatively contact David Eberlin,  TeamWillars, John Tailby, myself or Martin Gunn for juniors.       

E sailing – Virtual Racing

 Through the RYA the club has a VIP pass which allows us to set up races on virtual regatta.  A short explanation video and the RYA race on 1/4/20 some Olympic Sailors on here!

To participate join the clubs VR group – the Willars are coordinating this (thanks Chloe in particular)  WhatsApp group to get times and information.  The races will mostly be coded (code on WhatsApp group) to allow club members to join, you type in the code in the lock and arrow area (I think) and it takes you straight to the race. The races open up for entry about 5 mins before the start. 

There is also a team racing series run by John the WhatsApp Group  is

There are two series at present 8pm Sunday.

To use it create a login and see below to join a race. It is being co-odintaed via a WhatsApp group, Nicola/ Chloe have volunteered as the admin Link here to contact them.

Weed control Statement

20th May 2020 update

Two doses of dye have been put in to top up levels in April/May – thanks to Martin & Moira.

Under water video of lake bed recorded on the 20 May indicates little weed growth at depths above 2m including areas around buoys 7, 8, 9 & 10 where weed has been an issue in the past. So far so good!

clearer areas in deep water


Weed growth in shallow areas need cutting



Camera in operation




Some initial growth is evident in the shallower parts of the lake (see above) between the rib moorings and the South  shore. Weed cutting at the lake bed will be beneficial in these areas in June to inhibit further growth and development of biomass that will affect us later in the year. Red safety is now ready to launch to facilitate weed cutting. Help to do this would be appreciated, red has been relaunched to facilitate this.

It would be appreciated if members could report any significant sighting of weed to the Vice Commodore – Many Thanks – Martin H.


Temperature graph to end of May


VOLUNTEERING – Your Club Needs YOU  

To implement the ongoing proposed weed control we need a band of willing volunteers. Martin Hart as Vice Commodore will be managing and co-ordinating these activities. A schedule of weed work party activities will be posted, but please make offers of assistance to , advising which activities you can to assist with, and your typical availability.

Background information


Following the issues with weed in 2019 much research has now been undertaken to confirm the weed type and to establish the most appropriate methods of control at NCSC. Sources of information include the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Dr J.R Newman (an expert in this field), and several sailing clubs experiencing similar problems with weed.

The predominant weed type has been confirmed as Elodea Nuttallii, (Nuttall’s pondweed) with possibly a small proportion of Elodea Canadensis (Canadian Waterweed). Both these weed types are classed as alien invasive species.


Elodea Nuttallii can grow in water up to 4.5 meters deep and over-winters as shoots lying on the lake bed; these shoots start to regenerate new side shoots as the lake temperature reaches 6-8°C.

The side shoots grow rapidly towards the surface without branching to reach the water surface to get sufficient light for photosynthesis. Once close to the surface these primary runners began to produce more shoots to form a canopy structure to maximise the absorption of light energy. Under favourable conditions, E. nuttallii forms a densely branched canopy during mid-late summer, and this canopy easily detaches to form dense, free-floating mats. (Does anybody recognise this!!!)? During the late autumn and winter these floating mats break up and sink to the lake bed for the cycle to repeat; or are blown to the lee shore.


Varying methods of control have been considered and those most appropriate to employ at NCSC include, club members will need to volunteer to ensure this is done:-

  • Harrowing of the lake bed during late Winter / early Spring in areas known to support the growth of weed; – this disturbs the overwintering stems and growth shoots and delays by up to 6-8 weeks the formation of shoots rising to the surface. This then limits the period available for the growth spreading at or just below the surface, hence reducing the overall biomass.
  • Cutting of weed at the lake bed in late spring / early summer to remove rising stems before the period when they reach the surface and expand aggressively to form a floating mat. The collection of a limited amount of cut weed will be required.
  • The introduction of liquid blue dye to inhibit photosynthesis and reduce weed growth
  • The regular collection of any floating weed that appears in late summer / autumn
  • The removal of weed blown to a lee shore


In addition to the research the following actions have been executed to date and will continue as appropriate:-

  • In December 2019 the NCSC Exec Committee approved the purchase of liquid blue that is more expensive but significantly easier to apply than the powdered blue dye as used in recent years. There is also a perception that this liquid dye as used initially by the club was more effective.
  • A temperature data logger has been placed in the lake and data down loaded on a regular basis. This enables us to make sure that the initial dose of liquid dye is applied before the lake temperature exceeds 6°C on a regular/permanent basis and weed growth is accelerated
  • The lake overflow has been checked on a regular basis and cleared of debris as necessary to ensure that the lake level drops as quickly as possible to enable the blue dye to be applied without significant loss via the overflow.
  • In January 2020 working parties removed substantial amounts of last year’s weed that had blown on to the lee shore.
  • A diving team has made a part survey of the lake bed, but reported poor visibility and little weed in the areas surveyed
  • A chain harrow has been assembled and towed behind red safety in February and March in areas around and between buoys seven, eight, nine and ten together with the rib moorings, all areas of recognised weed growth. More harrowing is still required see Volunteering below.
  • The fabrication of a V shaped weed cutting blade, similar to that used by other clubs and aquatic contractors, has been commissioned. The blade has now been fabricated and successfully trialled ready for use late Spring / early Summer.
  • An underwater camera with remote video screen and recording facility has been purchased to monitor the weed growth on the bed of the lake, the effect of harrowing, and the rate and density of weed growth during the season. The camera has now been trialled and footage recorded of overwintering shoots / early season growth.
  • Fifty percent of the initial blue dye dose was applied in February, unfortunately the latest flooding will have diminished its effect, but the increased turbidity of the flood water will have had a similar effect of reducing light penetration. A futher dose was applied on March 14.


 As the year progresses the following is planned:-

  • Harrowing the lake bed during March – completed
  • To continue monitoring the lake temperature – in progress
  • To apply the third stage of the initial blue dye dosage. – completed and being monitored
  • To take samples of the lake water to monitor the degradation of the blue dye due to sunlight and dilution.
  • To apply top up doses of blue dye as required on a monthly basis from now until the end of August – in progress
  • To undertake monitoring of weed growth using the underwater camera so that harrowing and later weed cutting at the lake bed can be targeted. (see above)
  • To undertake surface monitoring of weed growth.
  • A lake map will be posted in the club house for members to record sighting of weed growth.
  • The purchase of purpose designed light weight weed rakes for collection of cut / floating weed.
  • A survey of the lake depth to help confirm the lake volume for the dosing of dye  and establish all areas of a depth of 4.5m and below which have a potential for supporting the growth of weed

Sat 14th March

Busy at the club today, plenty turning up to the work party, washing windows, clearing debris and bushes and generally tidying up. Thanks the club grounds look much better.

There were also two instructor courses, an Assistant Instructor course led by George Stanton and a Dinghy Instructor led by Howard Nelson, great to see so many volunteers wanting to put more back into the sport.

Youth squad had started with Martin Gunn and Phil One leading a team, with many young squad sailors and instructors teaching youngsters to race.

A few photos (sorry about the ones I missed – I did do the odd bit of helping contrary to the Bosuns comments!!)

Easter Monday Charity Race

An Easter charity race event will be held on Monday 13th April. A light hearted day of racing in fun formats will take place with the bar open and food available. All proceeds will go to the Commodores chosen  charity, Sailability. All are welcome! 

More information to follow but below is a link to last years event.

Last year was an enjoyable not to serious race day with plenty out on the water. See report


Flooding and Club Walk

Sun 23rd Feb : Road completely clear but bumpy on corner, we will probably need to wait till all this rain has dropped before repairing fully. The containers and all boats etc are clear of the water, and levels have dropped to a little higher than the November water level, you can see from second photo how much they have dropped since Thursday.

The Exec meet tomorrow so there may be more news after that or in Newsletter later this week.

Sat 22nd Feb: The Bosun has reported the access road is now clear. The Vice Commodore is advising that people do not sail, there are no toilets/ showers and there will be underwater objects (posts etc) not visible there may also be floating debris from the flooding, in addition pontoons are inaccessible.

Afternoon on 20th – water still dropping.
James suggested I take the drone down, so here area a few photos, the water has dropped quite a bit. Causway Dyke has grown a little!


Feb 20th: The water has gone down since yesterday, and whilst the access road and corner have water on them it is passable with care. Most containers are now above water. The toilets are unusable at present as the cesspit is full of water. 

Water levels gone down (see debris to left) passable with care.

Feb 19th: As many will know the club has been cut off by flooding, it has come over the road and up to the containers. The River Trent is well down now so hopefully the water will disperse. We will keep this page updated on access etc.

Please not the toilets will not be usable at present, providing we can access this will be checked over the weekend.

The Club walk has been cancelled along with the meal due to this and the possible lack of access. The walk will also be across potentially flooded and very muddy fields.

The road in on 19th Feb (Wednesday)

The container and small lake, checked boats all safe.

Work party Feb 2020

Thanks to the great, hardworking and resilient volunteers who turned out today to take on a big list of jobs, from deep cleaning loos and changing rooms to the more fresh air, of which there was plenty as Denis blew through, with tasks of harrowing, dye application and scrub clearing. A big impact which we will all enjoy for the season ahead.
Of course there is always plenty to do and the March 14 Saturday is another’s opportunity for you to get involved.
Thanks again to the 30 or so folks who gave up their time today. Thanks also to Pauline for bacon/sausage cobs and Kathryn for sorting lunch.
A few photos