Blue Green Algae

A potential area of blue green algae has been seen on the main lake. This is not confirmed but is something that we do experience in hot calm conditions, As you will see from the linked advice the risk is hard to quantify and as a club we have risk assessed the situation and are happy that members may still use the water. The algae can however, cause skin irritation and stomach upsets particular to children and pets so we would advise members to shower after being in the water and consider not immersing yourself or letting your pets/children use areas of the lake that are obviously contaminated – this is often in more stagnant areas such as around the pontoons.

The two links below have advice from the RYA and Environment Agency which we suggest you read if you want more information.

If you have any adverse reaction from potential algal exposure please let a Flag Officer know and complete the accident book so that we can monitor the situation.

This is a  link to the RYA advice and downloadable guidance for more information

.Link to Environment Agency Advice

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