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Club virtual discussion – 24th Feb 2021

Club Communication Event – All Welcome

Wednesday 24 February, 2021

A Virtual ZOOM event Starts 1900 Hrs

Summer 2020

The Executive Committee are keen to communicate with members, and get feedback. We are also intending to do a questionnaire. Notts County is members club and as feedback has been difficult with social distancing, we wish to hear from you and explain our plans for 2021. You may pose questions by email ahead of the meeting if you wish to remain anonymous, please state you wish to remain anonymous, please send to: or press the circle to the left.

Plans for racing

The event will start with a 15 minute club presentation covering key issues, the club’s development plan and looking forward to a post Covid-19 world.

Followed by: Q&A Session – to questions provided in advance and to those posed on the day

Plans for RYA training

The zoom link will be sent by email to all members.

Casual sailing

Recent high water

As many of you will probably be aware there has been flooding in the Trent Valley. the club has not been immune and for the second time in two years it has come over the road on the corner from the small lake, and earlier on from the brook adjacent. This isn’t surprising the reason the clubhouse is on stilts is because it is in the flood plane. The boat park was Ok but one or two containers may have had water in.

Volunteers from the committee have been down to free gangplanks and check the out flow is working well (when the water drops) you can see from the camera the water level is dropping, but of course the Trent is still quite high (4/2/21).

As soon as water level and flood risk is reduced we have plans for repairing the road etc, and replenishing our dye, which will have been washed away. Some notes from James below, photos from various people.

Duncan’s route to iQfoil

Many of you will have seen Duncan Monaghan often out windsurfing till its dusk in any conditions as he hones his skills.

Duncan started in Saturday Club and learnt to sail dinghies, but his heart was set on windsurfing, and after a course at the club, Duncan has had a remarkable career to date. I remember just soon after the initial course helping to teach the group of young sailors (including Molly Sprekley who is also doing well) starting on a race course. We concentrated on starts where to be and how to get the best position. Duncan was there pin end of the line at his first practise start (beat Russ there!) and on the third start had realised if he tacked off he would be well ahead at the windward mark. So started his career racing in windsurfing. I felt he had national squad potential then. He was soon doing well nationally thanks to his dedication and that of his parents, with comments from coaches of “where has he come from!” Over the last few years he has improved and picks up techniques from windsurfing members as well as the national circuit.

Windsurfing racing starts on Bic Techno’s and then Youths move onto the Tokyo Olympic board, the RSX, windsurfing in Paris (2024) will be on foils.

Duncan sailing his Techno at a New Years Day race at the club

2020 was Duncan’s last year on a techno 7.8, he hoped to defend his UK title and step onto an international podium. He planned to build on his experience in Team GBR at European and World championships in Israel and Cadiz. The year started last February with French Nationals in Marseille. Big swells and light winds were a real challenge, he finished 5th. Coronavirus as it was then called, was on the rampage in nearby Northern Italy – He was quite ill for two weeks on return?  

That became the last and only competition of 2020 as preparations were dashed with postponements that became cancellations. When lockdown finished and early school holidays began, he went to train with a friend in Poole which led to a fantastic summer, including weekly racing with the Olympic seniors in Weymouth. This meant a transition to the bigger RSX board which Emma Wilson kindly lent him and invited him to train with her. Emma (ex NCSC) is the GBR Tokyo Olympic entry, a signed poster memento awaits our clubhouse wall when it re-opens. She suggested he join her at the RSX Europeans in Portugal, Duncan could be seen training with her sail number on the lake. He felt so ready – but alas, lockdown 2 prevented travel at the last minute.

Duncan on his RSX at the club, he has been training with Emma Wilson, the ladies Olympic representative

Tokyo (if it happens) will be the final outing of the traditional RSX windsurf board, the iQfoil has been chosen to replace it and the RYA have also now made that the youth pathway. So, with a board borrowed from our ever-supportive Russ Towns and a second-hand foil, Duncan took to the air! Sometimes in watery cartwheels. He is often now seen weaving amongst our magnificent NCSC Topper squad. “I’m learning again, and now I realise how much that is what I love above all”.  Duncan is hoping to make the GBR youth iQfoil team to compete in European and World championships in 2021. Slight delay…Lockdown 3 has brought hopefully Duncan’s last and temporary transition – his rig bolted to a mountain board!

Duncan learning foiling, he is picking it up fast and now gybing on the plane

Lockdown videos and links

on top right of video is a link to rest of the content updated 4/2/21

RYA – Virtual sailing
World Sailing Virtual Rules of Sailing

RYA Youtube index


Dinghy Show (virtual)

Start Boating

Dinghy racing

Sail from Home



Changes to Racing rules

Download racing rules 2021-2024[26798].pdf

Changes to rules 2021[26383].pdf

Corrections to rules 2021[26771].pdf

Americas Cup

Vendee Globe

Pip Hare (UK)

Topper Traveller 2020/1

Our Topper sailors have travelled in autumn last year with great success, with Lockdown the series si now complete, see below for some results and link to the final one, lots of Notts County names there, well done.

Now that the Hollowell Traveller on 17th January 2021 has been cancelled, we are now in a position to post the Midlands Topper Traveller – Autumn/Winter 2020 Series Results 

As you are aware the RYA also supported us with obtaining a superb Perpetual Midlands Traveller Series Trophy. Recently, in addition to this, we have also been able to purchase a similar Perpetual Midlands Traveller 4.2 Winner Trophy

Overall Series: 1st   Hayden Moore (NCSC), 2nd  Tara Ewbank, 3rd   Finn Morgan
4.2 Sail: 1st   Jessica Powell, 2nd  Imogen Green
Under 13 (Phoenix Marine): Clem Middle
Under 10: Chloe Grayton – NCSC
1st Boy: Sam Grayton (4th o/a) – NCSC
1st Girl: Millie Hardiman

Other NCSC results (please correct me if any wrong):

Caitlin Thomas (10th)
Eddie Quinn (11th)
Chloe Grayton (17th)
Heather Quinn (18th)
Katherine Gunn (19th)
Edward Paling (21st)
Arthur Quinn (25th)

Endeavour (showing continuous effort, determination, perseverance and dedication) Katherine Gunn (NCSC)

The Series Results are available on the ITCA Website – link below

We would like to say a huge thankyou to Topper Sailboats, Rooster and Overboard for supporting our events, along with our continued ITCA sponsorship of GJWDirect Insurance, Harken & Optimum Time.

Well done to all Sailors that have taken part in the Series. We have seen such great sailing and Sportsmanship – We did not have any Official Protests at either event !!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Midlands Traveller 2021 Spring Series !!!

19/20th Dec 2020

The last weekend before a subdued Christmas, with many staying at home. Saturday saw some wind and relative warmth (though the water temperature is around 5’C) and quite a few windsurfers enjoyed short boarding and foiling along with a few casual dinghy sailors.

Sunday was cooler but lighter breeze, so only a few decided to test the water Jake was occasionally misjudging the gusts in his new boat, but looks like he was having fun. Quite a reasonable turnout for an impromptu race with Paul & Cathie (and Reg) officiating and safety crew on station – thanks to the volunteers who made it possible.

Isabel was trying her new John Merricks Topper out concentrating on getting the best out of it. There were also quite a few walkers down along with their dogs.

A few photos from this weekend below.

Wadsworth Questionnaire

Wadsworth Series on Sundays – 2021

The Wadsworth series has been held as the last race on a Sunday afternoon, but attendance has been relatively low. There have been attempts to change the time of the race in the past, but they have never succeeded. It has also previously been proposed to scrap the Wadsworth series due to the poor uptake. So, a change may be needed.

Options to consider are: 

Option A: Keep Wadsworth as last race in the afternoon

For: All members know time of race. The present attendance is better than at many clubs. Pauline has plenty of people for breakfast and lunch.

Against: Duty crew and competitors finish late, potential for wind dying later in day.

Option B: Move Wadsworth race to 10.00 start, first class race 11.15 start and second class race 13.30.

For: earlier finish for duty crew and competitors, potential for better bar profit as all finish racing at the same time, defined social sailing times (maybe from 1500 onwards?). Pauline will still get people for breakfast and lunch.

Against:  Earlier start, especially for duty crew. Unknown effect on numbers doing Wadsworth.

Option C: Move Wadsworth race to morning start (1100) with class races held back to back in afternoon (1300) start time

For: Potential for better bar profit as all finish racing at the same time. Later start for those who only do class races. Avoids long gap between two class races

Against: Not gaining more time for social sailing, big change in race programme affecting all sailors who race regularly, catering may suffer if people just turn up for the class racing, back to back racing difficult due to the number of starts, with a long time waiting between races.

Please email give your preference for A, B or C  to Martin – Vice Commodore at with any other comments you have by 1st January 2021, thanks.

Isabel wins Topper

Some great news one of our young sailors Isabel Ritchie has won a brand new Topper for two years from the John Merricks Trust / On board initiative.

Isabel was shaking with excitement when she found out: “I am super excited to be awarded a topper, I It is a huge honour to be chosen. Thank you so much to the Merrick Trust. A big thank you to the coaches, instructors and members at Notts County Sailing Club who have been so supportive and give up so much of their time to our Youth Squad. It means so much because the equipment will help me continue to compete at the club and start to race in different regional opens too.”

Isabel competing in the 2019 Topper Midlands at the club, her new boat will allow her to develop and improve

Ten youngsters from across the UK have been handed a huge boost in their ambitions to become top class dinghy sailors thanks to a national programme helping young talent progress in the sport.

The delighted sailors have been awarded exclusive use of their own boat for the next two years through the on-going partnership between the John Merricks Sailing Trust (JMST) and RYA OnBoard.

Launched in 2013, the partnership supports youngsters who display enthusiasm, drive, talent and commitment to the sport and who may not ordinarily have the opportunity or financial backing to achieve their goals. In its seven years, 86 boats and boards have now been donated with some remarkable success stories. At the end of the two years the club is due to be handed the boat to be used by other young members.

Isabel enjoying sailing with a friend Georgia

James Logan, Notts County’s Commodore said: “A shining star of achievement by Isabel Ritchie to brighten up our winter. She has become one of just 10 nationwide beneficiaries of the 2020 OnBoard and John Merricks Sailing Trust partnership and has been awarded exclusive use of her own Topper for the next two years. Well done Isabel, we all look forward to seeing you out on the water next season.”

Full RYA report

Last of the Autumn series

As the nights draw in the autumn series draws to a close. The final day of the series saw a lovely day with sunshine and a light to moderate breeze, there where one or two spills but most had a cool but glorious sail. The junior results are up and adults will follow in the next day or so. (on results page)

Next week it is intended that the winter series will start (Covid restrictions providing) there has been a good deal of interest and the Winter Series SI and Race Officer instructions will be posted in the next day or so. You will need to enter through and details will be put up on the restart racing post and linked from Facebook. Meanwhile a few photos from today.