Clubhouse extension

March 17

The building works has finished, with some snagging to do. The Training room has been well used during the Adult, first aid, junior and other events such as Wayfarer conference and Topper training, along with class coaching events and Youth Squad. The ladies fit out should start when members have some time.


22nd Feb

The extension is moving on and should finish early March. The race office is being decorated, just electrics to go. The external cladding is very close to completion (hopefully for the weekend). Ladies has floor preparation done, ready for finish tomorrow (we hope), handrails are complete and rear stair and balustrade are due this week.

17th Feb

Race office well on way and ladies ready for flooring, training doors in and handrails well on way. 

3rd February 2017

Windows and doors in training and two sides boarded. Screed down throughout. Decorators preparing for painting tomorrow. Race office commenced. Door opening to training prepared and bifolds on order. 

View from road in

Race office

Training room with glass in

Opening to training room

View from car park

27th January 2017

Floor screed going down, windows going in, cladding being completed on ladies.

Training windows started

Ladies windows and cladding

Floor screed being laid (keep off this weekend)

Update 25th Jan 2017

Electrics complete in Changing & Training, windows due this week, screed and floor soon. Looking good for use by the start of the new season, we are hoping the changing will be ready for the Cooler (indications are it will at present). Race Office starts next week.

Training room

Ladies Changing

Exterior changing windows in, cladding work soon

Update 18th Jan 2017

The Training & Changing are plastered inside, and electricians finishing off. Boarding has started outside on the extension, and the soffits are being enclosed. Photos below

Ladies changing

Training room ready for windows

View of training and new windows

Cladding on ladies

Cladding & soffit on Changing

Ladies changing progressing



Update 7th Jan 2017

Work continues, the ladies changing room wall has been broken through, its going to be  a huge improvement. First fix electrical is complete in the Changing & Training. The Training room & Ladies insulation and framing is virtually complete. 

External walls reading for windows and cladding

Ladies ready for windows, floor and plasterboard

Inside the training room ready for the floor, windows and plasterboard

Update 1st January 2017

For those that didn’t make the First of Year, progress on the extension is continuing with the Training room framed out and ready for lining, a the ladies changing is getting ready for breaking through. Clubroom windows are nearly finished.

Update 18th December

The work continues at good speed. The scaffold has gone up, the side boarding is going well, with insulation and subframe going up. The roof is on, and due to be waterproofed next week. The main clubroom windows are nearly complete. Come down on New Years day and see the progress.

fuddle-18-12-16-4604 fuddle-18-12-16-4603

fuddle-18-12-16-4607 progress 18th Dec 2016

Update 7th December

The concrete floor has gone down this week, with temporary balcony cover, the roof frame and other continuing works.

12th December should see windows start (put back at beginning of week by a week) and you should see some good progress by Christmas.

Update 27th Nov 2017

The steel is now up and scaffold started in order to replace the windows which should start in December. The balcony wood is being fitted and the new extension floor should go in soon, and then steelwork infilled in.

Steelwork 27th Nov 16

Steelwork 27th Nov 16

Update 11th August 2016


Building Work starts on 22nd August 2016 and is due to finish in Mid-December 2016.
The contractor is Aumas Ltd. Their working hours are Mon. to Friday, 07.00 – 17.30.
If they need to work on a Saturday it will be by strict agreement with the Club and members will be advised of it via the club’s website via this page and on Facebook.

The contract administrator, in charge on behalf of club, is Mark Adams. Mark, the Laser Fleet Captain, is a Quantity Surveyor at GNA in West Bridgford. He is the only person authorised to communicate with the contractor on behalf of the club, and should only be contacted via the Commodore – Ross Ryan.

Please read the advice below in conjunction with the site plan (below). The Project will involve some disruption to members from the outset as the Contractor creates & encloses working areas around the parts of the building that they will be working on, these are out of bounds for contractural and safety reasons:

  • From the start the west door from the main car park will be closed and out of use while the new extended west balcony and extension is built & decked over.
  • The top of the middle slipway on the north side of the clubhouse will be closed to all but pedestrian access
  • There will be a temporary access to the lower part of this slipway across the grass by the removal of a couple of timber bollards north of the closed part
  • The Contractor will form a fenced-off store for their materials & equipment. This will be to the south of the club starting behind the Safety Store in the car-park and will take up 5-6 spaces there.
  • This compound and all other fenced off areas are strictly out of bounds for children and adults. Building sites can be dangerous so only people authorised by the Aumas’ Contracts Manager are permitted inside them. This includes committee members and the like. Parents please ensure you know where your children are at all times during the build period.
  • As well as raising the new west balcony and building the changing room & training room extensions on it, the Contractor will be progressively working around the club to replace all the external doors & windows, also all the weatherboarding up to each side of the existing conservatory which stays unchanged.
  • The Ladies’ Changing Room will get a new temporary external escape door; only for use in emergencies; not for normal use! This provides an escape from the Changing Room and from the Galley in the event of a fire in the latter.
  • There is more need to be vigilant about security as Building Sites often seem to attract undesirables.

diagram 2016 contractor web

inspired-facilities-signage-what-it-looks-like copy

The ground directly under the existing balcony at the car park side of the clubhouse [west side] will be cleared before the Contractor encloses it to start their work.

The whole space beneath the club house is only to store the club’s craft, equipment and materials; nothing else; so while we are moving everything else around there we are taking the opportunity to sort this out properly!

Anything there that does not belong to Training or the Bosun or the Club in General will be hauled out from under the club and disposed of; sold off, given away or skipped.

If anyone has left anything of theirs under the clubhouse please remove it by 12th August.

Access to Clubhouse during Building work will be via Conservatory, an email has already been sent to all club members explaining access (if you haven’t received it you need to  check your junk mail for NCSC Admin and allow it, or contact the Vice Commodore so he can resend your password). The email address used is the one on the database.

diagram 2016 contractor web 1

The Disabled Toilet will be used by the Contractors. They will keep it & the clubhouse as clean as possible. If there are any comments please direct these to the Commodore Ross Ryan or in his absence Nicki Theokritoff.
Executive Committee

Update July 2016

Tenders have now been received and are being checked. It looks like if the club is careful with finances and this will need to include raising additional funds that we can afford Phase 1 & 2 (see plans at base of page), this will be a huge improvement in the facilities. As a result the plans and works are now fixed.
Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in the Veolia bid (not altogether surprising as it is aimed more at Community Facilities with access for general public) as it was vastly oversubscribed – It was however worth a try.
Negotiations are on going but it is hoped to commence work in August and take around 4 months. You will already see work has commenced on the car park and road.
During he works there will be disruption, and you and your children b(as applicable) must comply with any health and safety requirements in order to minimise any risk. The contractor will try and keep disruption to a minimum.
If you have any comments please feed them through for consideration to the Commodore – Ross Ryan.

The club has for some time set out an objective to upgrade and expand our clubhouse following successful negotiation of a 30 year lease. We secured planning permission in Nov 2015 for a design approved by the Executive & members, details of which are displayed in the club house.
inspired-facilities-signage-what-it-looks-like copyWe have recently resolved some outstanding legal issues with regarding  a grant application to Sport England’s Inspired Facilities fund they have now confirmed the award of £75,000 towards our expansion project..
On 18th April the Executive approved the first phase build of an extension to the ladies changing area now that funding is in place. This post is intended to update members on the position with the extension, along with expected timescales.
Our appointed Architects Peart Bradley are now developing detailed building design drawings to support a tender document that will be issued early May .  The project is being co-ordinated by Nicki Theokritoff , Mark Adams and Ross Ryan and we’d welcome input from members throughout the development of the project by emailing .
In addition to the ladies extension we are incorporating a number of upgrades to the existing building , including replacing the large windows and replacing the timber facing of the exterior club walls, plus some refurbishment of the Race hut area.
The Executive have made a second grant application to Veolia Trust for £39,900 which if successful will go towards funding the Training Room extension – unfortunately this was not successful (only 20% of applicants are and we didn’t fit the criteria well enough, though were congratulated on our excellent submission).
Through an open tender process we hope to select and appoint a contractor to undertake the construction/ refurbishment – hopefully starting at the end of July. The construction phase is expected to last 4 months and we plan to run normal club activities alongside obviously will some restrictions over access to ensure safety of members and construction personnel.
Before the work on the club house starts we will be extending and modifying the boat park to provide room for the construction process and the final layout  – this will start in June and may cause  disruption.
Tenders are due to go out this week, with return in early July and work commencing about 3 or 4 weeks afterwards.
The Plans are on the wall behind the door to the balcony, and the Committee will issue updates when there is something to report.
Exec – 6th June 2016

 Proposed works to Grounds which are due to start soon.key to ground works
Ground-works Drwgs, 16 March 16
PROPOSED_ELEVATIONS plan of extension


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