Covid 19 information

14th Oct

Please remember our interpretation of the government guidelines that you should not be travelling from a Very High Alert area to a High Alert area. Also if you are self isolating or have any symptoms you should not come down (this would include school year groups isolating).

NCSC Covid-19 Update – 9 October 2020

We are following closely the news regarding the significant rise in Covid-19 incidence rates in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and more importantly the rises in hospital admissions.

The official guidance and rules have not changed at this stage, so the club policy remains unaltered at this point – but it is important that we maintain a socially responsible approach, for yourselves and other members benefit. It is likely that further formal local Government and RYA instructions will be issued in the first part of next week, starting 12 October, and we will be reissuing the club’s On-Site Policy document accordingly.

1) Most importantly keep 2m apart from anyone not in your immediate household, think of a car driving between you and the person next to you – that is around 2m.
2) Masks have also shown to be effective at stopping spread so ensure you wear them when you can and if going to toilet or galley.
3) Do not come down if you have any COVID symptoms, and of course if you have tested positive in the last 2 weeks or are self isolating.
4) Mixed household crews should only be used with a full consideration of the risks and with appropriate mitigations taken.

We are working closely with all the associated membership groups using the club and are taking all steps to minimise any risks of Covid-19 infections while ensuring that we can all enjoy the opportunity to make use of the facilities.

The club has very successfully maintained a high level of activity and engagement throughout this pandemic thanks to the great co-operation from all involved. The autumn period is setting out to be particularly challenging on many fronts and we will continue to provide the support and guidance necessary to allow this to continue. Thank you all for your support, compliance and continued enthusiasm.

Please note the club is required to collect Track & Trace information we have provided three methods, you should register every time you visit, this is a legal requirement in the Galley:

Method 1 –Use QR code for the club NHS COVID-19 app. The code is by the barrier and the car park entrance door if you have registered each visit on this app the Government Regulations are fulfilled. This is the quickest and should be the most private method.
Method 2: There is a manual system (pen and paper) by the Rigiflex and this will soon be a postbox on the Rigiflex notice board – when the galley is open you can sign in there when collecting food as an alternative.
Method 3: We have set up a form which is available from a QR code/ link on a sheet by the barrier or door (which older smartphones can use) or on the link here it will date stamp the time you submit the form (if you were down a different time add that to your name)

Illustrated Details here 

NCSC Covid-19 Update (24 Sept 2020) 
The recent Government announcements and law changes, the ‘rules-of-6’ , have been reviewed alongside the formal guidance issued by the RYA on what this means for clubs such as ours.   It is concluded that there is no direct impact on how we are operating, but clearly the rules around on-shore interactions and social events have been tightened up and we all need to take more precautions when onshore, both in numbers and distance apart. You should keep 2 m is at least 6ft 6in apart, ie a tall person lying down between you, only same households can be closer. 
The RYA’s interpretation remains that groups of boats do not constitute a gathering so there are no restrictions to the number of boats that can participate together afloat. Onshore, including rigging, launching, recovery etc members must ensure they only gather in groups of 6 or less and that these groups do not interact with each other – this is now law. As of 18th September clubs which serve food and drink must maintain records of staff/volunteers, customers/members to support NHS Test and Trace.  See above in red.
Racing: through September through to end of October there are race series planned. See racing info here. Please note this is reliant on volunteers coming forward to do Safety & Race Officer duties.  Use SCM to volunteer or email the duty secretary or  If we do not have a significantly populated set of volunteers in place on the Sailing Club Manager (SCM) tool by the last week in September the race series will have to be curtailed at that point.
Youth and Transitional squads continue on Saturdays in September. Saturday Club will continue in appropriate conditions in October, please ensure you are on the mailing list for information.
Catering: Pauline, Colin and Keith are back at weekends, please support them galley info here. Facemasks to be worn inside the clubhouse. 
Toilets: The main toilets are open – note the Disabled is reserved for vulnerable and disabled members (so making it safer for this group). toilets access and use. Facemasks to be worn inside clubhouse. 
Clubhouse: the clubhouse is only open for access to Galley and toilets. It must not be used for shelter or gathering. There is no changing permitted in the clubhouse – we are developing a proposal regarding changing facilities, though with the present situation this is unlikely.
Water use – casual sailing is allowed any day until the end of September. After October 1st water use is only at weekends and Wednesdays (and Notts half term – we are not sure which week at present).

Key documents


Links to further information

    • Safety cover on Saturdays (1100 to 1500) and Sundays 1030 to 1500, with wind limits in force (20 mph average, gusts no more than 27 mph – both taken from the previous hour on the Davis app), provided there are volunteers. Check for the club flag flying to indicate safety cover being in place.   Safety boats will be normally moored, in response mode, unless providing approved coaching, they are not patrolling so please be extra cautious. An emergency boat is available at all times, use must be reported to Exec.   Instructions on cleaning, protocol etc are on Covid documents page, you need to sign in (7/8/20 updated)
    • As we can only rescue at a distance we strongly recommend all dinghies have some form of masthead float, all those racing are required to have a float. This will make it easier to recover you and your boat.
    • Coaching, with a maximum ‘gathering’ of 6 per group (including coach), is taking place.  If you want to know more please just contact us through the club. This requires an Activity Assessment form Word can be found here (sign in to SCM)  a pdf is here Covid-19 Activity Assessment Form v1 This is the form if you are planning an activity requiring safety boats at the club to ensure there is water space and boats available please fill in and send well in advance.
  • National Advice: Link to RYA Q & A advice (updated regularly) please note this is regularly updated full rya guidance RYA Advice on sailing & racing from different households (29/7/20) RYA Safety boat (single handed) video – discussion on safety cover
  • SUPs etc As a reminder please remember all craft (including non sailing) must have valid insurance for the user, there is a permit form you need to fill in for non sailing craft
  • You must bring your own sanitiser to use before and after touching the key pad or any other club property, for everyone (including your own) safety.
  • You must maintain social distancing (2m) between anyone not in your household, and please continue to follow Government instructions about meeting up.
  • No visitors – paid up club members only
  • No BBQ (we don’t want a fire) or camping permitted.
  • Please close the top gate behind you, and of course lock it if you are last out.
                                                 If in doubt don’t go out.
You can see from the camera and new weather station what is happening. If its busy perhaps come down later or another day.

Before coming down please check you have your gate keys with you, and that you know the barrier code.

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