Covid 19 information

Covid-19 Update – 17th May 2021

As you area aware we have had further relaxations which is allowing the use of changing rooms. We are not encouraging the use of the changing room due to the higher risk of Covid-19 virus transmission. However, our policy now permits the use the changing rooms under limited circumstances. They can be used with a maximum of 5 in each, a tally system is in place to facilitate this. You should minimise the time spent inside, wear face masks and not leave kit bags or anything else in the changing rooms. The showers are not available. There is an exception for the electric shower in the disabled toilet which is for emergency use only.

The club house, hub and other indoor spaces are not available for shelter or socialising, due to need to maintain prescribed social distancing, there is shelter under the clubhouse in the open air.

On shore, you must stay 2m apart from other households, as in Government regulations which are unchanged.

Visitors are now permitted.

Pauline is starting takeaway food service with Bacon/Sausage cobs and after racing sandwiches, chips etc will also be available, please do support Pauline. Please note we are instigating a shorter route entering from the steps through conservatory, collect food and then out to the grass by conservatory and balcony (see below). The balcony can now used for eating as the Government Guidelines.

Until Stage 4 (roadmap- 21 June) advance entry Race entry Details 2021 for these will be required to permit the arranging of duties and reduce need for contact. As usual, the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race for the series will be available through the website at Race entry Details 2021

The Duty Manager system on Sailing Club Manager will be used for duty volunteering. We do expect those taking part in racing to do some form of duty to allow races top proceed. We are short of volunteers and if more do not come forward racing Amy be cancelled.

Present Restrictions:

Please note government travel restrictions.

Additionally, the virtual racing scene is happening (sic) – please see here on the website for details.

Information sources below

Race series proposals 2021
Race entry Details 2021

The RYA guidance, FAQ link .

RYA Roadmap (updated 14/5/21)- note detail behind this will no doubt be published soon and will be reviewed by the club Covid committee, this has been revised twice last week.

RYA mixed Households info (updated 16th March 2021) info graph on mixed households

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