Covid 19 information


Covid-19 Update – 23 January 2021

The club’s Covid-19 team continues to meet and although the prevailing conditions, guidance and rules haven’t materially changed in the last couple of weeks it is worth re-emphasising the club’s position. You will be aware that the current wave of infections and hospitalisations is still at critical levels. We are all required to stay at home except for particular circumstances and our policy, in line with RYA guidance and Government instructions, does not permit sailing or any other use of the water.

Further, we are regularly visiting the club to do essential maintenance and preparation for what we trust will be a late spring and summer of sailing. Local members can of course walk or cycle through as their daily exercise but it is not expected that travel by car to the club for this purpose is justified in the current climate. For those not able to walk or cycle there are some photos from the flooding below in the pdf.

However, we are planning for the future, and to make the best use of all the resources we have to enable sailing interests to be maintained. The spring Black and White racing series, which is scheduled to start in March, will go into the calendar and we have plans to start this – probably in the different way we ran racing through the second half of last year – just as soon as travel and other restrictions are eased. Of course this would be accompanied by the ability to again take exercise through casual sailing, or windsurfing. It should be noted though that this is highly unlikely for the start of March – but please keep a look out for updates, and the necessary requests for members to support the associated duty requirements.

Additionally, the virtual racing scene is happening (sic) – please see here on the website for details – and in the next Newsletter we plan on bringing news of other virtual activities that we will be offering,covering training, boat talks, rules and all things nautical. If anyone feels they have something to offer regarding this – please just get in touch.

These are frustrating, and difficult, times for us all. Our thoughts and thanks to all those members – and there are many of them – who are working the front line addressing the pandemic, and those directly affected in any way. Stay well, stay safe, roll on the speedy vaccination programme.




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