Covid 19 information

The club’s Covid-19 sub-committee continues to review the current advice and take advice from local health professionals’ inputs. The Covid figures for the area remain high and the ‘be cautious, be considerate’ message we have been following is still very relevant as we move from directed behaviour to taking personal responsibility.

The risk of catching or spreading the infection is highest when spending time indoors and as such, we urge you to reduce time spent inside, to wear face covering when inside and strongly encourage everyone to remain outside as has been the case up till now.

The clubhouse, conservatory and changing including showers are open and available for use, we strongly recommend everyone to follow the guidelines below for the safety of yourselves and fellow members:

  1. Continue to wear facemasks inside and to minimise time spent indoors
  2. Maximise ventilation for indoor spaces open windows and doors, remembering to secure them again at the end of the day
  3. Please continue to observe social distancing as far as is possible
  4. Come to the club “beach ready” where possible. Changing rooms and showering facilities are available: respect social distancing
  5. The planned Discover Sailing and Club party events over the 28 and 29 August are planned as essentially outdoor events

Your help and continued demonstration of good behaviours is very much appreciated, making the club a great place for us all to be able to visit and enjoy the sporting outdoors.

A simplified poster is linked below

The one way system in the clubhouse has been updated for food service and bar after 19th July see pdf below

The Duty Manager system on Sailing Club Manager will be used for duty volunteering, and if you don’t volunteer soon allocations will be made. all club members whop use the water are expected to volunteer for duties, the club is run by volunteers and we like to think all will participate in this.

Present Restrictions:

Race series proposals 2021
Race entry Details 2021

RYA Guidance is yet to be fully updated.

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