Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nottinghamshire County Sailing Club

Some frequently asked questions about the club and facilities (v1 – Aug 21)

Is your membership for 12 months?

Our membership runs from January through to December each year, not from when you joined. We do welcome memberships throughout the year though, contact for current details. 

Do we have to book to gain access to the facilities or use the water?

No, as a member you will be provided with a gate key and gate barrier code so you can come on to the site at any time.  As a member you can visit the Club at any time throughout the year but access to the lake (and using the water) depends on time of year (see below)

Can we use the water throughout the year

No, not exactly, for the majority of the year but within our Lease agreement with Trinity College, Cambridge there are restrictions. From February until end of Sept we can use the water on any day. In October it is Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays and ½ term, from November through to the end of January its Wednesday and Sunday only, but still plenty of days when you can access the water. 

Membership Duties – what does they mean and what are they?

We are a volunteer club and as such all water users over the age of 16 are expected to undertake sailing related duties throughout the year – this is usually about 3 per person and will initially be as a safety crew on a safety boat or a race clerk on a boat on the water when racing is taking place. This is a great way to meet other members of the Club, see close up our racing (windsurfing and dingy) as well as learn new skills. Members who do not use the water do not have to offer any duties. 

Can I volunteer to help the club in other ways as well?

Yes, as well as our Works and Ways events we are always looking to repair or improve the grounds or Club house as well as bar duties or helping with our social programme. Many club members help run our training courses as well as our popular junior Saturday Club. Just let us know if you can offer any time.

Can we swim at NCSC?

Our Lease does not allow anyone to swim in our two Lakes, except organised swimming through Love Open Water Swimming who have scheduled lifeguarded sessions. As a member of NCSC you can have reduced swim rates. See our website for details.

Can we bring friends and relatives to the Club when we are members?

Yes as a member this is great way to show friends and relatives the Club and might even encourage them to join us.  We ask that this is to a maximum of 4 people at a time, they need to be signed in and for only 3 occasions as shore visitors. We do facilitate use of the water with a launch fee for their own equipment (currently for 2021 £15 on each occasion for board or dingy and limits on casual or racing). All the details and current fees can be found posted at the bar or the web site 

Can we hire the club room?

Yes we do have members who wish to hire the Club house for parties and functions.  Speak to the Rear Commodore about availability and costs

As a member can we use our stand up paddleboard/kayak or canoe?

Yes we have seen an increase in ownership of these since 2020 and members who are sailing category members can access the Lake. You will need to complete a self declaration permit for insurance and agreement to the rules of use. Found on

Do you offer a social membership as I don’t want to sail or use the water?

Yes we have social membership categories see

Can I amend my category of membership once I join?

Yes please contact the membership secretary who can advise any additional fees

Is there any help for purchasing a boat and can I keep it at the Club?

Yes most members will be only too happy to provide advice about all things boating. We also have a new members rep who can assist.  The club has over 750 boat parks spaces, you need to request a berth before bringing to the Club and the boat park managers will do their best to accommodate any requests, contact

Do you offer RYA accredited sailing courses?

Yes we offer dingy and windsurfing courses.  Look at our dates and apply from our web site

Can we bring dogs on to the Site?

Yes we have many dog owners as members but they are expected to be on leads at all times and be under control, they are not allowed into the Club house (unless a guide dog)

As members can we camp at the Club?

Again as part of our Lease Club members only can camp (under canvas, caravan or motor home) but only when a pre-arranged event or activity (this would be advised via our newsletters), we are not a registered camp site so no electric power points, waste disposal and will be restricted to a few occasions throughout the year. Camping is not allowed at any other time.

I have heard about your junior Saturday Club, when does they run and can we take part?

Club volunteers run a very popular junior Saturday Club between 10 and 12.30 usually from early May until end of August. Its run by members as an activity for novice juniors (from around the age of 5/6 onwards) to have fun, get wet and meet other members.  Its free because it is solely run by parents as volunteers assisted by competent group leads.  As a parent you are expected to be on site and assisting.  Its not a free activity club for drop and collect and it is a none accredited RYA programme of activity but we use our club boats for the sessions so no need to buy a boat to take part, it’s a stepping stone to meet other members and get our juniors engaged in sailing as well as parents! 

I have juniors who I think will want to do RYA courses and also might want to race or gain sailing qualifications, does the Club offer anything?

Yes is the simple answer.  The back bone of the Club is from members who joined the Club and have gone on to obtain RYA qualifications as well as attend our popular junior Saturday Club, our junior youth development squad or our adult transition sailing programme as well as our accredited RYA courses. Racing is the mainstay of our Club so plenty of opportunities to race and improve skills. Chat to a member of the Exec who will be happy to provide more details or link you to a club member,


Can I store my boat at the Club and do I need insurance?

We have limited boat berths and so it is not intended as a storage facility. Boat berths are allocated to those with the appropriate membership and have a fee attached payable each year.  We have limits (based on PY) on boats which can be sailed or berthed at the Club. Insurance is required for any boat at the Club even if not sailing. Only sailing category members are allowed a boat berth.

Is there catering at the Club?

We are very fortunate to have Pauline who has provided our catering for over 25 years. Pauline, Colin and Keith provide hot and cold food usually when there is scheduled racing. As a good guide Tuesday evening (basic cobs), Wednesday (windsurfer evening), Thursday evening, and Saturday and Sunday morning until around 14.00 depending on demand. There is an honesty box for use of the hot water ern and drinks supplies available for members to make hot drinks. 

Is there any changing facilities?

Yes, we have opened our changing rooms (after Covid restrictions) and there are hot showers available. 

How do I obtain a gate key and key pad barrier code?

As a new member you will be provided with one key for the two track gates and the club house and the current key pad code.  Additional keys can be purchased from the bar at £5. Please ensure that you become familiar with checking the club house and making sure all secure.

Can I sail any type of boat at the Club and can I keep my road base at the Club?

We have an upper limit on boats which is based on the PY and size of craft. A good guide is the PY of a 505/K6. We have no room for yachts or motor boats. Road bases can be kept in our coppice area (not in boat berth spaces) but will need tagging for identification. 

I have more questions, who can I ask? 

Brilliant, ask any member, all are very approachable or contact Kathryn the membership secretary at

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