The sport of sailing takes many forms, from large expensive yachts to dinghies and windsurfers costing a few hundred pounds.

A six year old enjoys sailing with his father

Sailing is  sport for all ages, we have youngsters from 5 years old upwards to mid eighties enjoying sailing. The club has members from all walks of life. We welcome and encourage families, beginners, keen racers, novice racers, and anyone who just enjoys messing around in sailing boats.

We have two disabled access boats and a hoist, and are part of the RYA Sailability scheme, so whatever your skill levels or abilities we should be able to get you on the water.

Many have a misconception that is is expensive to sail but it certainly does not have to be. At a club like ours where dinghy sailing and windsurfing are the focus the costs are very reasonable. Like any sport you can spend large sums on the latest gear. You can learn on club equipment, and then decide wether to spend a few hundred or a few thousand pounds on your own craft. We have storage areas on site, and of course many folk who can help you decide on your first purchase, it is very easy to get hooked on sailing.

We are very proud to be the RYA / Yachts and Yachting Club of the Year 2018, and would love to pass our enthusiasm for the sport onto others.

   A double handed dinghy

A single handed dinghy







The most popular craft at the club are known as dinghies. These can be sailed by now or two or even small groups depending on the design. Dinghies are generally glass fibre nowadays (though wooden and polyethylene ones are popular) which equates to low maintenance and good durability. At Notts County Sailing Club we have adopted  classes but also encourage menagerie sailing, which is for all types of boat. Most dinghies are 12 to 16 ft in length. There one and two person boats (and some will take more) a second hand a dinghy can be very reasonable to purchase.

Windsurfers enjoying some wind on the lake

Windsurfing is another type of craft on the water. This is an exiting and free form of the sport. You can learn at the club on specialised equipment, then graduate to whichever branch of the sport you enjoy. 

Most start off cruising and familiarising themselves with a boat, then quite a few graduate to racing as it is a great way to improve your skills. We do however have cruising sections on a Wednesday (ladies that launch/lunch) and Thursday (retired), and at any other time, you can cruise doing the season though racing does take precedence when it is occurring.

A family enjoying the club Wayfarer

Notts County Sailing Club is welcoming and friendly, we are run by volunteers and won the National Club of the Year in 2018, demonstrating not only our quality, but also our commitment to the sport.




The best way to find out more is come and see us see joining page  A Sunday lunch between March to December is a good time, about 12.15, ask for a flag officer (the people in charge!) or the membership secretary. You will need a barrier code, if you contact us just before we can give you the visitor one. 

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