All Duty Roster information is now on Sailing Club Manager.
Link to Sailing Club Manager – login is hidden in top right

Notts County Sailing Club is a members’ club, run by members for members. The club has a friendly but efficient ethos with fun, high quality, but above all safe sailing, racing, and training. We have no paid staff and to enable us to keep the club running we ask all members to volunteer to undertake duties. It is a great way to meet other members from parts of the club you may be unfamiliar with as well as for new members to make friends and gain support. It is also a great way to learn and improve your sailing, watching the best sailors in the club can teach anyone something new. The club is run by volunteers and it is essential that members play their part for the smooth running of the club.

We now have an online Duty System using software called Sailing Club Manager (SCM) http://ncsc.clubmin.website/. This system does a lot more than Duties as will become apparent in the future. The reason for moving to an online system on line is that it eases the onerous task of duty allocation, allows members to choose and swap their own dates and to contact other members to facilitate this. It is therefore very helpful if you allow members to see your details – phone numbers and email – by setting the privacy settings to these to members only rather than private. The duty roster will not now be in the handbook as it will all now be on line.

You will have received an email giving your login details but sometimes this information goes into your junk folder, so please allow the email admin@mg.ncsc.org.uk. The communications are headed Notts County Sailing Club. Shortly before your duty an email reminder with the latest duty notes will arrive. If you are missing a login you can reset it via the website using your email address or if still stuck Adrian Jones the Vice-Commodore on vicecommodore@ncsc.org.uk who will help.


Full instructions on the system are at http://ncsc.org.uk/sailing-club-manager/ .

All the dates for the 2017 duties are now in, including training. If you are qualified for a duty then a red volunteer button appears allowing you to volunteer on a date to suit you. One of these dates should be a Sunday along with at least two other dates (there may be need for some to do more duties). Please log on and do this now, the earlier you do it the more choice there is. After 1st March 2017 you will be allocated a spare duty rather than having your own choice and you will then be responsible for a swap. If you make a mistake email vicecommodore@ncsc.org.uk who can delete a duty, allowing you to re-enter your duty. Please note, the Tuesday night race team is carried out by Training, so only put yourself down for safety duties on Tuesdays.

The system analyses duties and so will spot those who haven’t put sufficient in, duties apply to all active members over 16. Registered instructors should get an email explaining the situation for them.

We provide training for all duties during the year including race officer and safety boat driver. Look on the training site (powerboat) for details and booking form the club safety boat training is free. Safety crew and race clerks do not need previous experience.

Club safety boat drivers need to be over 16 and have completed the free club safety boat course

A reminder on all this information is on the members’ private area of the website http://ncsc.org.uk/safety/ you need the gate code to login.

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