Weather & camera

Webcam image from clubhouse,  date and time shown.

If refreshing browser doesn't work looks like we have problem with the camera

Link to more information from station (no sign in I believe)

If you want wind, temperature etc over last few hours you need to Download the Weatherlink app from Android or iPhone (go to App stores) – see below Look for Notts County Sailing Club, the right hand screen shot shows the history, both average and peak.








There is also information on website (sign in required)  I think this link will work once signed in, otherwise search for club its the Bulletin you need.

Press logo for more info
Links to other weather sites:
BBC local weather – good for weather not often as accurate on wind
Xcweather (live wind, forecast etc) – often a good indication of wind and the past few hours
Isobar charts (3 hr) normally fairly accurate  a few days ahead and updated several times  a day

Forecast below (from Windguru) to get an accurate idea look at a variety of forecasts, so far I think its fair to say Windguru tend to overestimate the wind. (when you compare actual wind speeds with forecast)


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