Open water Swimming

The club have formed a partnership with the National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA) and there will be Open Water swimming at the Sailing Club.

We understand the safety is not in place at time of updating so there is no swimming until this is in place.

The NOWS (Nottingham Open Water Swimmers) venue site is linked here and you can get in touch via them through the site – they are part of NOWCA.

NCSC Sailors who want to take part in this organised group activity should in the first instance “register” on the NOWS site (see above). There is a £10 fee and you will be issued with an electronic wrist band which contains a reference to essential medical details you submit as part of the registration process.  The club concession fee is £3 per session either Friday or Saturday payable in advance or on the day to the NOWs representative (As opposed to £6 fee) . Registration with NOWCA gives you access to their other lakes if you are feeling adventurous  and is an essential part of their safety management regime.

This is the Facebook link

early first session below
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